Last year us reviewed the Corsair VOID Wireless, a computer gaming headset with good wireless support yet a subpar microphone. This year, Corsair has followed up with an $80 wired headset because that Xbox One and also PC referred to as the VOID Surround. Does the Corsair VOID Surround boost on that is predecessor\"s shortcomings? review our in-depth review to uncover out!


The VOID Surround is a hybrid stereotype gaming headset. It offers stereo sound when offered with Xbox One or game stations 4, and stereo or Dolby Surround when supplied with home windows PCs and tablets.

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Package contents:

VOID Surround wired headsetDolby 7.1 USB Adapter

Frame and also ear cups


Corsair\"s VOID Surround share the very same physical build as critical year\"s lineup the VOID headsets, including the Corsair VOID Wireless.

These headsets are organized together through a sturdy plastic framework lined with internal padding. Both sides of the structure can be readjusted to accommodate a variety of head sizes. The left and right sides are plainly marked by the engraved letter L and R on your interiors.

Each ear cup attaches via a different rotatable piece. In enhancement to rotating the horizontally whereby that component meets the frame, the cups themselves turn vertically come a little extent. You have the right to tilt the cup up to allow an ext outside sound to reach your ear or tilt it under to totally cover the ear.

The VOID Surround\"s ear cups space filled with memory foam and covered in a microfiber mesh. The texture of the microfiber mesh is an ext noticeable come fingers 보다 ears, however it helps develop a little of traction to assist keep the ear cups in place. Inside the cup, a different layer that textured mesh covers the yes, really speakers. Every told, lock feel good on the ears.



All the the VOID Surround\"s controls are uncovered on the left earcup, together with the microphone. On the bottom-left the the cup, you\"ll uncover the volume control. The VOID Surround offers a notched wheel for volume adjustments, together opposed come the VOID Wireless, which has a digital dial instead. The dial felt a little far better to push than rolling a wheel, however the VOID Surround\"s wheel works just fine.

A big vertically shaped microphone Mute switch occupies the left next of the cup. The switch works fine, yet it feels pretty much the very same whether it\"s thrust in or the end – the distinction is only a millimeter that depth. This headset doesn\"t have actually a mute irradiate or beat a mute tone, so it have the right to be an overwhelming to tell whether or not you\"re muted without questioning someone.

Corsair should\"ve either had a mute light on the microphone or offered a slide mute switch quite than a press button. Also, the panel beside the Mute move is make of glossy plastic, therefore you\"re most likely to smudge it a little when reaching for Mute.



Last year\"s VOID Wireless to be a difficult recommendation since its microphone merely didn\"t pick up sound adequately. Human being could hear you, however at a much quieter level than normal. The problem was so severe that Corsair recommended individuals bend the not-particularly-flexible arm of the microphone to place it closer to their mouths.

Apparently the device took that experience to heart, as the VOID Surround has no microphone volume concerns at all. Once again, the microphone is housed in a solid eight that rotates up in ~ a 110-degree angle when not in use. Once pulled downward, that clicks right into place in ~ a variety of angles. This lets you place the mic at a comfortable street from your mouth. That\"s all the mediate the microphone will need – no bending the eight here.

Xbox One use


The VOID Surround provides a 3.5mm audio cable by default, making it compatible with official Xbox One controllers made after June 2015. To use it with official controllers the don\"t have actually 3.5 headset jacks, you\"ll have to use the Xbox One stereotype Headset Adapter or the far superior Xbox One Chatpad, i m sorry doubles together a stereotype headset adapter.

Assuming you have actually the ideal headset jack on your Xbox One controller, the headset is merely plug-and-play. Girlfriend won\"t acquire a surround sound effect on consoles due to the fact that that function requires the use of a USB dongle and also PC software.

You can also use the VOID Surround through PlayStation 4 consoles, although i didn\"t test it with that system.

PC Use and also Surround

To usage the VOID Surround v a Windows pc or tablet, you\"ll plug the 3.5 mm cable into the included Dolby 7.1 Adapter – a USB dongle. The dongle bears the Corsair and also Dolby logos, as well as a white LED that lights up once the Dolby Surround impact is activated.

To enable that Dolby Surround, you\"ll should download the Corsair energy Engine (CUE) software. Clicking the Dolby Surround switch activates the effect and makes the on-screen button turn native white to blue.

The Dolby Surround result is conveniently noticeable when activated. The sound automatically takes on a richer quality, boosting in volume. It really is choose a bunch of additional tiny speakers have come on within the headset, although i don\"t think that\"s just how headset surround sound actually works. Yet if you desire affordable headset surround sound for computer gaming, music, or movies, the VOID Surround certainly should perform the trick.

Corsair utility Engine and sound options

Before accessing the headset\"s sound options, CUE forced me to download a firmware upgrade on the device – a painless process.

CUE has 4 menus: Profiles, Actions, Lighting, and Settings. Only the Profiles and also Settings menus actually market relevant choices for the VOID Surround though. Actions and Lighting room blank, the latter due to the fact that the VOID Surround doesn\"t have actually lighting features. Corsair should hide the redundant menus once using the Surround. Looking at the competition, Razer\"s Synapse software hides unnecessary menus and looks prettier too.

The Profiles menu is wherein you\"ll toggle surround sound and readjust various sound settings. Users deserve to modify the default file or create certain profiles for different purposes.

Two simple audio levels can be adjusted: Microphone volume and also Sidetone. CUE should specify Sidetone for us, due to the fact that I\"d never ever heard the word before. Wikipedia claims it\"s \"the result of sound picked up through the and also instantly presented at a low electronic signal level right into the of the exact same , a form of feedback.\" In other words, you can adjust how much of your very own voice comes v the headset as soon as you speak.

Users can further customize your sound through choosing in between five equalizer presets: Pure straight (default), bass Boost, FPS Competition, clear Chat, and also Movie Theater. Every of these settings deserve to be disabled (which usually does nothing since this headset has no EQ toggle button) or customized.

Overall Impression

The Corsair VOID Surround reflects that Corsair is making great strides with its fairly young line of gaming headsets. This headset boasts a quality microphone, robust sound, and also excellent comfort. Its only real weaknesses are the Mute button and the CUE software\"s clunky UI.

Right now the VOID Surround sells because that $79.99. That\"s a good price because that a headset the works with Xbox One, game stations 4, and PC. And when you usage it through PC, you\"ll gain a affluent surround sound effect to boot.

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