Whether you"re a Mass effect veteran or you"re environment-friendly as a newborn drell, there"s a heck of a many of brand-new information come absorb in Mass Effect: Andromeda. That"s particularly true as soon as it concerns the game"s combat. You"ve most likely been so liven trying to grasp your jetpack, combat profiles and all those fancy new abilities the you totally forgot about your consumable items. And also now friend can"t remember how to actually usage them.

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For some reason, it"s a slightly different procedure for single player versus multiplayer. Here"s exactly how to use consumables in both modes.

How to use consumables in Mass Effect: Andromeda single player

In order to usage consumable item in single player, very first you should make certain that you have consumable items equipped. You"ll perform this once you"re picking your loadout — which girlfriend do before embarking ~ above a mission, at front stations and at the loadout station aboard the Tempest.


In bespeak to usage these consumables in battle, bring up the weapon wheel through tapping the touchpad top top PS4, hitting tab on computer or hitting the view button on Xbox One (the switch that looks like two overlapping rectangles).

In the upper fifty percent of the wheel, you can swap your weapons, yet the bottom half is devoted to her consumables. Select the consumable you want, close the wheel, and also voila.

How to use consumables in Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer 

Consumables work slightly in different way in multiplayer. The four basic items you deserve to use during combat — very first aid packs, revives, ammo packs and cobra RPGs — are immediately mapped come the D-pad. However, you can additionally equip boosters, i m sorry act choose one-time consumables that last the expression of the match.

You can equip 2 boosters per match through the character customization food selection within the consumables sub-menu (the one through the lightning bolt icon). As soon as you choose a booster, that will instantly be used to your character top top the start of your following match.

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