I recently acquired my iphone phone 11 and also noticed the the reduced right the the screen have a dark spot/black shadow. It sometimes goes far after restarting the device. However it’s been happening more recently after ns updated to the IOS 13... Is this other surfacetoairnewyork.com will repair?

I had actually an iphone phone 7 for 3 years and never came across this trouble before.

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thanks in advance!

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I have the dark spot on the lower left edge of mine iphone11. Ns did not drop it. The spot began out tiny (about 1" x 1"). Currently its to be 3 months and it's easily double that. Turning the phone call off and on does no help. If the keeps gaining larger, I will go to the nearest surfacetoairnewyork.com keep - although, by analysis the text from these various other threads, it more than likely won't help.

Anybody recognize of a solution???

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Of food it came back and I got pics now. Guess I’ll set up an additional appt bah


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I have this difficulty too with my iphone phone 11. It happened once before, and went away within a couple hours. However it's simply happened again now!

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This main I checked out my local surfacetoairnewyork.com save (booked an meeting ahead the time with Genius Bar) and also showed them the dark shadow. They took my iphone 11 away and also replaced the screen. One hour later, I had a brand-new screen v no shadows. I imply anyone else suffering the very same problem, visits their surfacetoairnewyork.com Store.

I am dealing with the same problem, saw surfacetoairnewyork.com store they change my screen and acter 2 mainly it happens again. Ns am going earlier to the store following week. I will certainly let you recognize what lock say

Hello iceshimmer,

After reviewing her post, it sound like there is a trouble with just one corner of the iphone screen becoming dark or getting spots. This sounds like you should get it evaluated for service.

iPhone Repair and Service

Thank girlfriend for utilizing surfacetoairnewyork.com support Communities. Have actually a pretty day.

Same problem here, I have actually my iphone 11 for much less than 3 weeks and also this morning ns woke up and also the dark spot showed up on the reduced right corner, I review this thread and restarted the phone and the spot went away. Yet it seems favor surfacetoairnewyork.com is having a problem with iphone 11 screen because I’ve seen quite a few threads about this problem. Castle spots may not it is in identical however they space there so! ns hope this won’t be an concern in the future however if the is what space the solutions? Note: i did not drop the phone no once and also the spot showed up suddenly.

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Dec 29, 2019 8:25 am

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jan 17, 2020 10:55 pm in solution to Leedini In response to Leedini

Recently ns bought brand-new iPhone 11 with all mine savings.This is very first time i am utilizing iPhone. Very very first day after few hours only I am see block spot on my display right corner. I acquired shock and small nervous. Please indicate solution. I completely prepared to gain my vacation v iPhone yet unfortunately it is giving negative dreams.


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jan 17, 2020 10:55 afternoon

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Oct 7, 2019 5:25 pm in response to iceshimmer In solution to iceshimmer

Hello iceshimmer,

After reviewing her post, it sounds like there is a problem with just one corner of the iphone phone screen ending up being dark or gaining spots. This sounds favor you should obtain it evaluated for service.

iPhone Repair and also Service

Thank you for making use of surfacetoairnewyork.com assistance Communities. Have a nice day.

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Oct 7, 2019 5:25 afternoon

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Nov 17, 2019 7:21 to be in an answer to chris_g1 In solution to chris_g1

I likewise have this problem with an iphone phone 11. A huge dark shadow bottom left the screen about 3cm in diameter. Happened after 3 days. Resetting did not clear it.

I changed it come the surfacetoairnewyork.com authorised store from where I had actually purchased it.

They looked in ~ me v suspicion and also the sales rep. Then spent 15 minutes assessing the phone, taking images of it and also typing a lot.

They simply assumed that I had actually dropped it.

I was told that I would certainly hear ago from lock in 48 hours.

I haven’t and that’ s currently 3 days ago.

So this is the scenario:

Purchased a new iPhone 11. It to be faulty. Store assumed no responsibility. I feel they have nearly insinuated that i am in ~ fault. Ns now have no phone, surfacetoairnewyork.com aut. Store has not refunded me.

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I to be not certain of my customer rights here yet I feel favor they’ve been violated.

I note that the answer above form a community specialist claims it must be evaluated because that service. No, the shouldn’t. That a new phone, that at the moment of creating is at finest only a couple of months old. The obviously a fault and also it need to be changed not ‘evaluated’,