Fallout 76 is the recent entry in the Fallout collection which will have a stronger online focus than the previous games in the series. Friend can go into the BETA by pre-ordering the game, yet if you currently have the code, monitor our simple guide on how to Redeem the fallout 76 Beta Code and also get playing through the game.

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If you desire to have very early look in ~ the civilization of fallout 76, your first chance will be at the games BETA which will start on October 23rd for the Xbox One and the pc / PS4 on October 30th. If you want to it is in a part of the BETA, girlfriend will have to go into the code you obtain from her pre-order the the video game at the connect Here.


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It is precious noting that unlike most other video clip game betas, the BETA will only run during a mentioned time frame, so you will have to make sure you only play at those times. If you try to play at any kind of other time girlfriend won’t be able to play. The uptime for the BETA deserve to vary native 4 hrs to 8 hours, therefore make sure you have your schedule planned out for the game.

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What space your thoughts on the BETA? are you excited for it? allow us understand in the comments section below.

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