Big city dreams don’t have to be expensive. Every year, thousands of people move come Los Angeles with some goal in mind; some hope to break right into Hollywood, others expect to live closer to the beach; and some simply just want to suffer something new! everything is pulling you to LA, we gained you covered. LA is frequently noted as one of the most expensive urban in the world, therefore the cost of living in Los Angeles can be discouraging come some, however we believe that moving below doesn’t have to break the bank. Over there are numerous ways come live affordably in Los Angeles if you perform it right. We’re right here to provide you some tips around LA life on the cheap. 


Moving to a brand-new city way having to discover a job.

Here space some tips for finding rapid employment if you’re moving to California with no job. Fortunately, there are numerous jobs available within the gig economic situation for those spring for full-time work, or simply a next hustle. 

One the the most well-known jobs in LA is to work for a rideshare application like Uber/Lyft. If you already own a car, it’s rather easy to set up your account and also get come work! If you don’t desire to drive, you deserve to work because that Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats and deliver food (you can supply by bicycle or scooter) Another an excellent option is to sign up because that WAG (a dog walking app) to walk your next-door neighbors dogs for extra cash -- you also get to cave out with cute dogs all day if you pick this option!

If you don’t desire to make a long term commitment come a gig economy job, we recommend you research study some "Focus Groups" or "Market research Firms" in her area. Focus Groups will pay friend for your time and also opinion and also they normally pay fairly well! authorize up for your mailing lists to find out what focus groups space taking place and also if girlfriend qualify! They space surprisingly a most fun!

The business industry in LA is a vast sector of employed staff (and tips deserve to be great if you space in the best area!) LA has plenty that bars, restaurants, theatres, clubs that typically hire new staff. Publish out several duplicates of her resume and also bring it door to door until you acquire hired! Otherwise, research some catering companies and event firms to check out if you deserve to join their staff. 

Check the end the ‘gig’ ar on craigslist for some one-off jobs. These jobs can range from anything like being a stock Photo model to bartending in ~ a vacation party to moving someone’s couch. Obviously, be mindful of these listings together they space not completely vetted!

Sell her stuff! with websites favor Depop and Poshmark, you have the right to make some extra money through selling garments you no longer wear. Otherwise girlfriend can try selling it come stores choose Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading. 


Another an excellent way to conserve money on rental is to live v roommates. Detect roommates in LA is rather easy if you understand where come look. There space plenty of young people brand-new to the area who can have similar interests come you! examine out craigslist, Facebook, Spareroom or Roomi. Also, ask your own friends if they understand anyone. Sometimes, it"s ideal to live with mutual friends! 

Grocery shop at ALDI. Despite it might be tempting to indulge in some of the upscale LA gourmet grocery stores, saving money means buying cheaper food. Aldi is a an excellent option for those ~ above a budget. Try to buy in bulk, as to reduce the quantity trips come the grocery store (and save money top top gas!) 

Consider if friend REALLY require a car. For part a automobile is a necessity, for others it have the right to be a huge expense. There are countless other forms of transportation (biking, scootering, Uber/Lyft) the can help you acquire from place to ar without having to pay high insurance rates. Moreover, despite LA public transportation is famously no the best, it is quiet affordable and can it is in a convenient option relying on where girlfriend live!

Furnish your residence with used furniture! because so many civilization come and also go into LA, there space always great deals on old lightly used furniture. Inspect out neighborhood thrift stores, on facebook Marketplace craigslist and also even the edge of her block. Sometimes human being will leaving old stuff they no longer want for you come grab! Other alternatives include joining neighborhood Facebook teams or shot Buy naught or Nextdoor, where human being in her area can article classified ads. 

OTHER tips FOR moving TO LA

Commutes deserve to be long and also tiresome in LA. The mean commute is approximately 56 minutes from door to door, and some Angelenos may spend a whopping 90 minute just obtaining to their job. Keep this in psychic when trying to find a job. 

The weather in LA is warm year-round, i beg your pardon is good for conserving money due to the fact that you won’t have to purchase winter clothes which can gain quite expensive! you can even sell few of your winter garments for extra cash, as you might not it is in needing them!

Save money prior to you go!his Obviously, everyone is different, yet we recommend conserving up at least $5,000 prior to you head the end to LA. Once you obtain to LA, you may need come pay because that a security deposit or a real estate broker fee to secure an apartment so be sure you have some money lying around!

Real legacy in LA have the right to be pricey, therefore don’t mean to buy property for part time! But, that doesn’t mean that LA actual estate is out of reach! If you space hoping to conserve up to purchase your very own place, there are countless smaller and also affordable dwellings for sale, therefore be sure to save an eye out! we recommend heading come Zillow and also putting a preferably price on the search tool to watch what’s available. 

The cost of life in LA remains fairly high; this method that a many creatives will certainly have full-time day jobs and also spend the remainder of your time functioning on their craft. Living prices for a single person have the right to be roughly $1000 per month (and the is there is no rent!) Be ready to be busy!

Since countless flock come LA for the entertainment Industry, there is a most competition. Plenty of young world have the very same dream and also are functioning tirelessly to attain it. Don’t acquire discouraged! 

California is complete of young and friendly people, however making friends can be hard. There room plenty of methods to meet new people, even if it is it’s simply by going to the coast or with online meetups. We suggest using a website favor Couchsurf as soon as you an initial arrive. On Couchsurf, you can stay for free at someone’s home. Moreover, master on Couchsurf space typically very friendly and also looking to aid out new-comers who arrive in their city. 

Finally, nothing forget come download a date app! If you’re not looking to date, they deserve to simply be a good resource for socializing and networking. Bumble has actually a great BFF alternative designed just for do friends. 

Moving come LA is an exciting adventure. There’s too many to explore, choose Santa Monica, West Hollywood, phibìc Hollywood and also Long Beach.

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The Los Angeles subway area is just one of the largest in the country, which is also bigger than new York or mountain Francisco. Moreover, southerly California is a blast come live in! The weather is great, the food is delicious and the laid-back lifestyle have the right to be supervisor refreshing particularly if you room coming from a city like NYC.