Is there any kind of hotkeys or means I can use come move everything in my inventory come a chest quickly?

Basically I recognize if you carry out Shift-Click it move the selected ridge to the chest (or another item that uses the stack).

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But if I want to move all my items in mine inventory come the chest, it is time spend to manually shift-click everything.

Also, is there also anyway I have the right to use to relocate every filtered items in mine inventory to a chest? (Example: I have 400belts and 100grenades, and also I have the right to use a hotkey to relocate 400belts at once to the chest there is no affecting the grenades.)


To deliver your totality inventory to a chest, ctrl+left-click on an empty slot in your inventory. Friend can also ctrl-click ~ above an north slot that a chest to move the totality content that the chest to her inventory.

To deliver all stacks the the very same item form at once, ctrl+left-click on among the stacks of the item type.



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