Unlike some other games, in Skyforge you do not develop your character instantly from the start. You begin the game as a share looking Immortal. After a few easy quests, you obtain to pick your class and also customize your character"s appearance.

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This takes ar in the quest new Life, after talk to Flavius in the cultivate Hall.




Research Center


Training Hall

Creating your character

Character Looks

First, you choose your Class.

Next, you will customize your appearance:

Male/Female CharacterBodyPresetsBody TypeHeightShortTallBody TypeLeanSturdyMassMuscledPortlyProportionsStockyLeanBody FeaturesSkull SizeSmallLargeHipsNarrowWideButtock SizeSmallLargeButtocksLowHighHandsSmallLargeBustSmallBigFaceHair StyleHair ColorFace ShapeSkin ColorEye ShapeBrow SizeSmallLargeBrow HeightLowHighBrow DepthLess DefinedMore DefinedEye WidthCloseWideEye ColorNose ShapeNose LengthShortLongNose TipLowerHigherNose WidthNarrowWideCheekbone HeightLowHighCheekbone WidthNarrowWideJaw ShapeMouth PositionLowHighMouth WidthNarrowWideChin WidthNarrowWideJaw WidthNarrowWideChin SizeSmallLargeStyleEarringsHeadwearMasks and GlassesTattoosPersonalityRunLightHeavyPostureStanceNormalVoiceLowHigh

Character Name

When you room satisfied with exactly how your personality looks, you choose a an initial name and also last surname for your character. The names have to contain at least 3 and also mo much more than 12 characters. You deserve to use only English characters.


Strategy Guide/Tips

Later in the game you will have the option of transforming your character"s watch again. There will certainly be limited opportunities to execute so for free, or you could use in-game currency.

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