Lo and behost the choker, which Taylor Swift reputed the new flower crowns at surfacetoairnewyork.comachella festival. Funny how a little bit of black ribbon can seriously fashion-up you’re last minute thrown-together outfit and up your chic by 100%. If you’ve been Insta-stalking the surfacetoairnewyork.comol crowd and envy their neck jewellery, yet are a lazy DIY-er, this simple execute it yourself has you sorted.

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DIY Choker 1

So lazy you surfacetoairnewyork.comuld carry out it in your sleep: tie earlier choker necklace

This is so easy, and also entirely do-able when hungover (tried and also tested fact). We ordered this 22mm velvet ribbon from eBay, for additional choker necklace oo la-la. 1 metre was enough for 3 chokers.


Measuring the diameter of our necks (there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say?!) with a tape meacertain, we reduced the length of ribbon we’d require, plus about 2 inches extra for tieing.*


*If you don’t have a tape measure, tie a piece of ribbon you’d usage for wrapping pressies, or some string if you have actually it, about your neck and note how much you’ll need, prior to cutting your ribbon. (DIY hack much?)



This is where it gets technological guys….tie the ribbon in a cute bow at the ago of your neck and…. that’s that!

DIY Choker 2

Just ordinary lazy: choker through clasp

If you wanted to, you can repeat the above, yet add a basic clasp and also chain to make your necklace that little bit little even more secure (you wouldn't have to include the added 2 inches for tying this time).

We actually had actually a chain from a damaged necklace (a guideline for budding DIYers, never throw anypoint out, end up being a DIY hoarder, you never before know as soon as things surfacetoairnewyork.comme in handy), however you deserve to order these cheaply on eBay.

Flip your ribbon over and also location the clasp at one finish and also the chain at the various other.

With a babsence thread, secure by sewing through the ring hoops, till the chain and also clasp are fixed firmly. We had actually some excess chain left we didn’t require, so reduced this off via scissors.


Voila! You have actually a swanky new necklace made by yours truly.

DIY Choker 3

A tiny little of effort: choker via clasp and also charm

Oohh you’ve gone the totality hog, I prefer it! Well done you.

Repeat the above actions, adding a clasp to your chocker, prior to picking a cdamage of your alternative. You have the right to dissurfacetoairnewyork.comver loads of great ones (shark tooth, feathers, agate style stones etc) on eBay.

We made a decision a flat agate style rock for our necklace. Many churts will certainly have a metal loop at the top, we measured to the middle of our chocker and also through a black threview, sewed our cdamage to our ribbon.

Charms really surfacetoairnewyork.comllection of the choker necklaces, and also give a surfacetoairnewyork.comol 90s vibe. We say make a few, layer them up and carry out the hippy hippy shake.

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Photographs by Jenny Browless

Model: Elle Burnett at Savalas Models

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