Now that we have already put up a overview showing exactly how to get the Mindbender’s Ambition, that is time to take it a look at at another shotgun. And also this time that is the Retold Tale.

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Destiny 2 – exactly how to gain Retold Tale

Retold tale – Weapon Description


The Retold story is a legend or violet Shotgun the was presented in Destiny 2 with the Forsaken update. This shotgun is undoubtedly one of the finest PvP tools that friend can get in the game. And this is the just shotgun I use in PvP other than the Mindbender’s Ambition.

Retold tale is a Precision framework shotgun which way this weapon’s recoil pattern is an ext predictably vertical. The variety on this shotgun is quite high because that a Precision Frame and it is an pure must have actually if you reap Crucible.

It is a 65 RPM (Rounds every Minute) shotgun v a Magazine size of 6. If you look in ~ the detailed stats the this weapon girlfriend will view that it has actually 75 aim Assistance. So, if you throw in a Targeting Adjuster mode on this climate you will obtain unimaginable target salvation which, I need to say, is far better than the Mindbender’s Ambition.

Retold story – God Roll

Though ns personally never controlled to acquire the God Roll variation of the Retold Tale, the people I have actually are nice decent. Now the idea the a God Roll deserve to be various for different people. Yet to me a God role Retold Tale need to have:

Full Choke – for a tighter spread.Accurized Rounds – For the +10 Range.Quickdraw – as soon as the enemy is rushing in the direction of you and also you need to quickly switch to her shotgun from her primary.Slideshot – To boost the variety even further while sliding. And also the capability to reload you weapon v a fast slide is great. If you space not right into sliding then Snapshot Sights is the perk you need to aim for.Masterwork – Range

Where to uncover or farm for the Retold Tale?

If you are new to Destiny 2 and also just started the game then friend will have to play the video game for a while before you can start farming for the Retold Tale. Girlfriend will have to complete the entire Forsaken Campaign and also get accessibility to the Dreaming City. The merchant in Dreaming City is Petra Venj. Right here are the best ways of agriculture the Retold story from Dreaming City:

Complete weekly Pursuits readily available by Petra.Do the Ascendant an obstacle by obtaining the bounty native Petra. Retold Tale has a opportunity to drop from the last chest within the Ascendant plane as well as from the bounty once claimed.Weekly difficulties bounty indigenous Petra.Daily challenges bountiesBlind fine chestsIf you have actually something called tiny Gift in her inventory then provide it to one of the Cat Statues. Cat Statues deserve to be found all end Dreaming City. Below is a video showing a Cat statue location.
If you have actually a Corsair Down, discover the dead Corsair, inspect it, kill the mobs, and also turn in the Corsair badge you get.Dreaming City Research framework bounty indigenous Ada-1Can I get Retold story from the Last wish raid?

No, Retold tale is no a raid weapon.

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Can I obtain Retold story from the Menagerie?

One point I want to clear up. I have actually seen a lot of short articles over Reddit where people are asking whether lock can obtain the Retold story from Menagerie or not. No, this shotgun is exclusive to the Dreaming City and other 보다 from the Ada-1 bounty, Retold story doesn’t autumn from any kind of other location.