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NUK3TOWN availability in contact of Duty: black Ops III

How to play and accessibility NUK3TOWN, the multiplayer bonus map for speak to of Duty: black color Ops III


With the release of Title upgrade 8 on in march 21, 2016, the NUK3TOWN Bonus Map and the NUK3TOWN Personalization Pack are now complimentary to all players on playstations 4, Xbox One, and also PC. Players simply need to launch call of Duty: black Ops III and enable the video game to upgrade as normal. As soon as the update is downloaded and installed, the NUK3TOWN digital content will certainly be available.

Where do I discover the NUK3TOWN map?

NUK3TOWN is accessible in the regular Playlist rotation, and in Chaos Moshpit. Also, it is in on the lookout for specialized a NUK3TOWN playlist in the Bonus playlist ar which will be obtainable on unique NUK3TOWN weekends.

Where carry out I discover the NUK3TOWN Personalization fill content?

The NUK3TOWN Personalization Pack contains a phone call Card, Weapon Camo, and also Reticles.

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The NUK3TOWN call Card can be found by choosing Menu from the Multiplayer lobby and choosing the Calling Cards ar of the Identity menu.

Apply the NUK3TOWN Weapon Camo or Reticles within develop A Class. Choose a weapon or an optic, choose Personalize, then go to the Extras tab.