Match Sequence Settings – checked

Next off, unexamine Match Sequence Settings, and go with the settings as shown listed below, manually changing anypoint that doesn’t complement.

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Note: If you created your film making use of a resolution various other than 1920 x 1080, you will need to import your film into a 1920 x 1080 task and range it proportionately (right-click on the clip, and also select Set to Frame Size) in order to export it with the correct settings.

Export Setups window

Be certain Format is set to QuickTime (near the height of the Export Settings window).

Any Preset shown will certainly readjust to Custom as soon as you begin changing settings.

In the Video tab, change the settings to match these, as displayed listed below (Note: You might have to uninspect the boxes beside each setting):

Video Codec: Apple ProRes 422 HQAspect: Square Pixels (1.0) – (Even though this is close to the bottom, readjust this before transforming the remainder of the settings)Frame Rate: 24Width: 1920Height: 1080 – (You might need to unconnect the Width and Height settings)Field Order: Progressive
ProRes 422 HQ video settings – Width and also Height are unlinked

In the Audio tab, make certain the settings are as follows:

Audio Codec: UncompressedSample Rate: 48000 HzSample Size: 24 bitAudio Channel Configuration: Stereo
ProRes 422 HQ audio settings

Below the video pevaluation, collection Source Range to Sequence In/Out. The number on the appropriate tells you how lengthy your final movie will be (we don’t count frames – just seconds).

Click on Output Name to name your movie and also select the location to conserve it to.

Create a brand-new folder on a regional drive that has at least 3GB of complimentary room available for each minute of your finimelted film. (For example, if your film is 2 minutes long, make certain you have actually at leastern 6 GB of area.)

Name your file with your name, a dash, then your film title.

Example: Walt Disney – Steamboat Aloysius.mov

When all set, click Export to render your movie.

Important: When exporting has finiburned, Import your final movie back right into Premiere and also watch it all the method with to be sure it’s correct. Do not use QuickTime Player to preview your movie.

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We usage Premiere to assemble the reflects, so it have to play effectively tright here.