Destiny 2 is Bungie’s latest video game which has been serving as a live video clip game service to the player base. The developers have promised year of assistance for the game, with new content dropping in every now and also then.

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Should You it is in Restarting a character in Destiny 2?

With the most recent DLC upgrade called beyond Light, the player lid for every single activity has drastically increased. Furthermore, all the players currently start indigenous a greater base power level in order to assist them acquire on track faster.

However, football player who previously left the video game at a lower player level are currently wondering even if it is they have to restart their character and also start from a greater power level, or continue on playing v the very same character. If you are also wondering the same thing, then we very recommend you review this article. Making use of the article, we will be offering you every the necessary details on even if it is you need to be restarting a personality in Destiny 2 after beyond Light or not.

 How to Restart a personality in Destiny 2?

Restarting a personality in the game is as straightforward as deleting her older character or using another available spot for developing a new character. Right after you launch the game, girlfriend are motivated to selecting a character through which you will certainly be play as.

In this screen, girlfriend are cost-free to create as many personalities that you will do like. Keep in mind the you can develop up come different personalities at a given time after ~ which you will have to delete a personality in bespeak to create a newer one.

Is There any Drawback to developing a new Character?

Another really typical question that us see plenty of users ask united state is whether there will certainly be any kind of drawbacks come deleting your older character or producing a brand-new character in the game. The is vital to keep in mind that with the relax of past Light, many of the older content existing in the video game is now being gotten rid of from the game.

Restarting your character have to only offer you a an increase to jumpstart and aid yourself acquire to the exact same level as all various other Destiny players. Also, the enlarge DLC campaigns and also quests are largely removed as multiple planets were gotten rid of from the game. You can likewise skip the main game’s campaign and also jump right into beyond light after creating the new character.

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The Bottom Line:

Ever think whether you have to be restarting a character in Destiny 2? The post contains all the details the you need in order come learn an ext about why you need to most definitely start a brand-new character after ~ the recent release the the recent DLC to the game.