These days privacy is a optimal priority for countless smartphone users, particularly when we usage our devices for anything and everything. If you occur to own the Galaxy note 4 and would favor to learn how to delete or remove your browser history, we have actually you covered.

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Privacy should constantly be a top concern, and browser background and kind data is one of many you require to understand about. Over there are plenty of different reasons a user might want to delete their internet browser or search background on a smartphone, and we’re certain you have your reasons, so below we’ll define how to do so on your keep in mind 4.

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When it concerns removing her browser background on Android there’s a few different scenarios here. One large factor being the there room multiple different 3rd party browser for Android, and they all have actually slightly various settings. Samsung’s Galaxy note 4 (or all Galaxy devices) have their own web browser called “Internet” and also that’s wherein we’ll emphasis today, not to point out Google Chrome.

If she logged right into your Google account, which we’re assuming friend are as soon as you use Android, every website girlfriend visit or find for will be saved and also remembered. The is uneven you have background turned off completely or room using one incognito tab or one incognito browser, i m sorry we’ll cite again below.

Removing your browser background and search history are two various things, but below we’ll explain how to clear the browser background on the Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4. This can be for this reason your youngsters can’t view what you bought for your birthday, basic privacy concerns, or for other reasons us won’t acquire into, here’s how to execute it.


As we stated above, there are multiple choices and 3rd party browser readily accessible on the Google Play save for users, and from manufacturers. Google Chrome is the most popular and on most tools these days, i beg your pardon we’ll cite below, however many Galaxy keep in mind 4 owners most likely use the stock built-in internet browser called “Internet”. Therefore that’s where we’ll start.

While making use of the “Internet” application on the Galaxy keep in mind 4, which is the internet browser, tap the three-dot menu button near the optimal right that the screen. This bring up the popup menu, wherein you’ll scroll down and select “settings”, then merely navigate to “Privacy”.


Once you in the privacy settings food selection you’ll watch a couple of options come customize user privacy top top the device. One famous one being whether the maker remembers kind data. Like user account login information and also your password. I keep this top top so ns don’t need to retype passwords, yet I also have a lockscreen protection measure in place. This have the right to be dangerous, choose with banking sites, therefore use v caution.

The last option is the one you’ll want to select, which is pictured because that you listed below and provided under “Delete personal Data”.


From here simply pick “Delete an individual Data” which will lug you to a complete list of internet browser history options. In this popup you’ll be able to wipe out your entire browser history, cache, cookies and site data, and also even your auto-fill and password information. Auto-fill is convenient together it remembers email and log-in information, so don’t clear that unless you absolutely require to.

Most customers will be fine with choosing the very first three boxes shown above, then actually removing all your information by hitting done. The process will take a couple of seconds, to over a minute, relying on how lot you browser the internet or how often the user deletes his tracks. As soon as you’ve selected what friend want and hit done, the Galaxy keep in mind 4 will certainly clear her browser history for good. The gone, and also you’re every set. You’ve fully hidden your tracks, for every little thing it was you to be doing.

Google Chrome

A many Note 4 owner actually usage Google Chrome vs the built-in browser, for this reason we’ll describe that too. Because that Google Chrome the procedure on the Galaxy keep in mind 4 is basically the same, simply labeled contempt different. Hit the exact same three-dot menu button and also select “History” climate tap the “Clear looking Data” button at the bottom.


You’ll obtain a similar option of check-boxes as presented above, and also you can manage what girlfriend delete forever, and what stays. The only advantage of Chrome is you can remove individual website visits, rather of everything or nothing, so the doesn’t show up that you’re hiding her tracks. Just it the x come clear every individual search you’d like removed and also you’re every done.

Incognito Mode

To prevent all of this from also being an worry to begin with, you deserve to simply use something dubbed the Incognito Mode. When you’re in the Galaxy keep in mind 4 internet browser hit food selection and enable Incognito Mode. This makes it therefore the internet browser won’t remember or save any history, passwords, login, or monitor what you do. This is your best bet, and also something countless users need to consider.

There room multiple browsers on the Google Play store that perform this by default and will never, ever, remember any kind of of your data. Dolphin Zero is a good one, and even the less popular Opera internet browser has a browser-wide privacy mode you have the right to enable. I’d stick to the stock internet browser or Chrome, yet to every his own.

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What we execute on ours smartphones is our own business, so do sure and take the actions mentioned above to stop it from gift saved and also seen. Or merely delete anything girlfriend don’t want falling into the not correct hands.

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