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might 7, 2016


If you very own a Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 5, you might want to know just how to use auto refuse for an individual or native unknown callers.There can be several factors why you want to block calls on her Galaxy keep in mind 5, especially since more and much more spammersand telemarketers contact people on your smartphones now.

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Samsung describes its contact blocking together “rejection,” therefore we’ll be making use of that ax interchangeably with “block.” below we’ll explain how you deserve to block calls on the Samsung Note5.

How come Block phone call From every Unknown Callers

One main problem is the the Samsung Galaxy note 5gets calls from unknown numbers. The best method to block these calls is by going to the “Auto reject list” and selecting the choice to block calls native “Unknown callers” on the SamsungNote 5. All you have to do is switch the goggle ONand you’ll no much longer be bothered through callers who block their incoming number.

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How come Block phone call From separation, personal, instance Caller

Another an approach you can use come block an separation, personal, instance number or call on the Galaxy note 5is by going come the call application.TaponCall Log and select the number you want to block. Then choose “More” in the peak right corner, and also then “Add to auto reject list.”

How to Block Calls from The Auto-Reject List

A common means toblock calls on the Samsung note 5 is by going come thePhone application itself. As soon as you obtain to the phone call app, select“More” in the top-right corner, complied with by “Settings.” The 2nd option in the list need to be “Call rejection.” That’s where we’re headed. So, tap. Currently tap “Auto refuse list.”

Once you obtain to this web page you canenter a call number or a call to block on her Galaxy keep in mind 5. In addition, if you have actually blocked everyone in the past, those number will present uphere together well, therefore it’s an easy place to eliminate folks from the rejection perform if girlfriend want.