Meredith Mickelson is a well known American Model and also Social media personality. Meredith Mickelson came to be famous after ~ she showed up on the cover of Vogue magazine double in 2016. She is a talented design who features new York design Management, Salt Models Atlanta, next Model monitoring Miami, and Freedom Los Angeles. Her natural plumped lips and hourglass body is what she fans love around her.

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Table the Biography

Early life

Meredith Mickelson’s age is 21 years old. She to be born on July 1, 1999, in Atlanta, GA, America. She has an American nationality and also belongs to the White ethnicity. She sun authorize is Cancer. Follow to sources, Meredith is blessed v an elder brother, Daniel. However, over there is no information concerning her parents but we have the right to surely phone call she has actually a supporting and also loving family.

Meredith Mickelson was increased in Atlanta, in addition to her parents and her brother. She is really conservative around her family. Return she hesitates to disclose her parents’, she confesses that they space her support and also strength for all her endeavor. Moreover, she is i graduated though over there is no information about her institution or University.


Caption: Meredith Mickelson (source: Instagram)

Professional life

Meredith Mickelson is among the increasing models who has made one astounding mirroring in the fashion business. She hourglass figure and tempting looks room respected the whole means across the world.

Since her adolescence, this American model was practically specific to look for after her career together a model. In ~ 13 year old, she completed her displaying gig yet gave upon on that as she necessary to concentrate on her examination. Regardless, that forward together the wise selection in she profession.


Caption: Meredith Mickelson career (source: Google)

Afterward, assorted modeling agencies approached employing Meredith. Moreover, she significant an commitment with new York model Management. From that second on, Meredith’s job didn’t must encounter the downfall.

Meredith got a chance to occupational with Atlanta, Next version Management, and also Freedom Los Angeles. That is to be not sufficient for Meredith. So, she introduced her very own YouTube channel named ‘Mickcheese’, and the diva’s face did no take lengthy to feature in the cover magazine of Vogue.

Net worth

Mickelson is a talented and successful design of the fashion industry with no sweat. She has earned a decent sum of money by her profession as a Model. Her approximated net worth is $1 million.

Relationship status

Meredith seems to it is in in a partnership twice. Firstly, this fashion diva was in a relationship with Ethan Dolan who is a famous YouTuber. However, the pair ended up; the cause of your separation has actually no revelation.

Earlier in 2016, she started dating her current partner, Kian Lawley. That an American YouTuber and is well-known for his featuring in ‘H8TERS’ series. Rumors space that Mickelson obtained into a love affair through Kian which caused her separation native Dolan. Yet there space no more details to support the claim.

Currently, Meredith is single and there room no rumors concerning the diva’s relationship. However, her followers believe she will uncover someone ideal for her.

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Body measurements and Social media

Meredith has actually a huge variety of fans adhering to on Twitter, Facebook, and also Instagram. She shows up on Twitter under the handle of (
meredithmgm) and also Instagram as (
meredithmickelson). Whereas, she has nearly 2 million pendant on Instagram v 800 posts. Likewise, she joined Twitter in November 2012 and also has much more than 158.7k followers on it. Additionally, she has launched she YouTube Channel together Meredith Mickelson having actually 8.68k subscribers.