Jenna Dewan net Worth: Jenna Dewan is an American actress, model, businesswoman, producer and dancer who has a net worth that $30 million dollars. She is perhaps ideal known now for her partnership with actor/producer Channing Tatum. Jenna and Channing to be married in 2009 and announced their split in April 2018. The pair have one boy together, a daughter named Everly. Due to the fact that they were married during some exceptionally successful years for Channing, Jenna is believed to have been paid a divorce settlement in the $20-30 million selection including real estate and ongoing spousal support.

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Jenna Dewan to be born top top December 3, 1980 in Hartford, Connecticut. Dewan i graduated Grapevine High school in Texas climate attended the university of southern California where she to be a member of Pi Beta Phi. Jenna began her job dancing v multiple recording artists including N"Sync, Pink, Missy Elliott, and on Janet Jackson"s "All because that You" tour, prior to launching her acting career. She is widely recognized for her functions in the films, "Tamara", and the first "Step Up" film which is wherein she very first met Channing. She has showed up on television collection including Melrose Place, The Young and also the Restless, Quintuplets, American horror Story: Asylum, and more. She developed 33andOut Productions through Tatum and several friends. 33andOut has created several socially-conscience documentaries. She is an avid animal rights advocate and also Vegan.

Real Estate: In 2008, Channing and Jenna paid $2.6 million for a hillside home in LA"s Laurel Canyon. In February 2018, the Channings payment $6 million for a residence in Beverly Hills, California. They no longer own the Laurel Canyon home and after the divorce, Jenna briefly continued living at the Beverly Hills residence which is still own by Channing today. After relocating out, Channing rented a home in LA"s san Fernando sink for $25,000 per month. It"s not clear as of this writing if he has actually purchased a new primary residence because that himself. At some suggest Jenna moved out that the BH mansion and into a rented residence in one LA suburb.

In in march 2021 Jenna paid $4.7 million because that a home in Encino, California.

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Jenna Dewan

Net Worth:$30 Million
Date of Birth:Dec 3, 1980 (41 year old)
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession:Actor, Dancer, Model, Businessperson
Nationality:United claims of America

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