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Last night the masked Singer revealed a major clue to the identity of the Rabbit. Find out that he is, here.

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Last night"s illustration of the masking Singer (Episode 7) was an additional night filled with ridiculous performances and also mind-boggling riddles. The evening witnessed the alien unmasked as Latoya Jackson, yet that wasn"t the biggest revelation of the day. Installed in the silliness of episode 7 lay a far-ranging clue to the identity of the Rabbit, usually confirming his identity. It requires a little hot dog was standing in Florida, that happens to offer Italian Ice.


NSYNC - No Strings AttachediTunesUp come this point, the internet has held ~ above a handful of favorite guesses because that the Rabbit"s identity — the most well-known being JC Chasez, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey Fatone and also AJ Mclean. When we"ve been leaning toward one performer, there was just enough reasonable doubt to keep us indigenous jumping fully onboard. A key clue detailed in an unanticipated place, however, left us with no an ext room because that doubt. So below it is.

As with every episode, a video clip to be shown prior to the Rabbit"s performance, providing insight because that performer"s identity. The clues mirrored a the majority of what we"ve heard prior to from the Rabbit. With referrals to "pulled strings" and now being the puppetmaster, it seemed to reconfirm the fact that the rabbit was likely part of a musical team like NSYNC or New youngsters on the Block. In the direction of the finish of the clues, the rabbit let the judges know that he"s gotten a fair bit of ink over the years.

"I have 17 tattoos on mine body," claimed the Rabbit.

Well, of course, this is the clue everyone believed would do the Rabbit"s identity a certain thing. However, a quick google that male singers through 17 tattoos or the variety of tattoos JC native NSYNC has actually will net you part pretty unsatisfying results. After ~ all, most those 80s and also 90s boy band members room all pretty tatted up.

Don"t problem though. The tattoo clue yes, really isn"t the necessary one. In fact, the clue that sealed the deal for united state wasn"t even hinted at throughout episode 7. Instead, it could be discovered on the masked Singer"s website for week seven.


Did this clue give away the Rabbit"s identity?FOXUnder a photograph of the rabbit is a inscription which reads: "He loves to sink his teeth right into a big, fat Italian ice."

Ok, so rabbit likes Italian Ice. Large deal.

When you traction apart this clue, however, the identity of the hare becomes pretty clean — it"s Joey Fatone.

In 2016, Fatone opened a brand new Hot Dog stand the takes his surname and pokes a tiny fun in ~ it. The Orlando-based quick food joint well-known as Fat One"s serves a tasty an option of wieners because that customers come enjoy and also if they uncover themselves a bit parched through the hot Florida sun, they deserve to cool themselves off through a big fat Italian Ice.

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Add to this every the previously clues already linking Fatone come the Rabbit, and there isn"t much room doubt.