sat dvery own through the 27-year-old mommy of 3 to talk around the rumors and what she"d prefer the world to take ameans from her story.

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Headlines will frequently tell a different story than the truth.Ta’kariLee, the 27-year-old daughter ofJackie Christie, is an excellent instance of this.

Last year, the mommy of threewas thrown right into thespotlightafter her youngest child, Jaxkid, continual burn injuries in an accident at his daytreatment. The headlines told the story of a disparaged mommy that desperately required help; so much so, aGoFundMewas developed to help with his medical bills.

WhileLee’s name is attached to a “befifty percent of” mention by a friend that posted the web page, the partnership via herBasketball Wivesstar mommy was not discussed at all. The GoFundMe only became public once gossip sites looked into the crowdfunding page; it was later revealed thatfellow BBWstar Evelyn Lozadaphelp the entire goal.

But from sitting down withLee, it’s clear why she never before publicly asked her mom for assist.

“When Jaxkid gained hurt, I did not expect anything,”Leetold exclusively. “Iwassurprised enough reason for somepoint, a text, an e-mail, a letter in the mail, anypoint.”

In the emotional discussion, Leeopened up around her distant relationship through her mommy, that gave birth to her6 years prior to meeting and also tying the knot through step-father and former NBA player,Doug Christie.

Lee’s father, who’s currently in priboy, had a relationship via Jackie in whichthe 27-year-oldwas conceived. Lee claims she knows bit around their connection other than they did “business” together, which at some allude became personal.She alleges as soon as she was born, her partnership through her mom became estranged and she was raised by her maternal grandmother in Tacoma, Washington.

WhileLee has always had an excellent connection with her stepfather, she says she’s never been close to her mother, despite her numerous attempts to create a partnership.

“She puts more initiative right into a connection for TV,” she sassist. “I wish I could gain her approval, yet at some point you accept you’re not gonna acquire it. And when my boy obtained hurt, that’s what occurred. It became accepted.”

“I never before spoke to my mom when anypoint happened. Prior to that, we hadn’t spoken in seven months. She said I had actually reduced her off and also points choose that and that’s not the case. I sent happy birthday messages for my stepfather, I sent happy anniversary texts, happy birthday messages to my mom, and also that’s over a couple of month duration. Never before obtained a response. So I didn’t reach out to anyone once my kid obtained hurt, not a soul.”

“She’s simply type of like, stay over below, out of the means. I’ve gone to occasions, actually, as soon as I was finally invited around. They takefamily members picturesand I’m told to go stand over elsewhere.”

When asked if the concern stemmed from an discussion or some significant falling out, she conhas a tendency it’s namong the above.

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“I think a lot of world interpret it too, ‘Oh, you understand, they had an debate or a fight someday and they have actually not been able to patch points up since then.’ And that’s not what we have actually right here. That’s not what we have here at all. This is a since-birth kind . I can’t tell you, I can’t put it right into words. I don’t recognize exactly how you feel that way in the direction of one more huguy or your very own child, but it’s simply animosity.”

“I want to tell my story for those in equivalent situations for them to recognize that they have the right to make it. They deserve to execute better and also strive. They should know to not let anyone carry them dvery own and also to just relocate past the pain.”

We contacted VH1 for a comment from Jackie Christie, and also she declined to respond. But as of Wednesday, she posted thismessageto Instagram.

“At this suggest I’m not going to readjust the mind of anyone,” she states. “I’m sindicate going to stop from my heart to all of you in hopes you acquire a glimpse into my civilization from a different, even more exclusive, perspective.”