Get the specific flight time native Philadelphia worldwide Airport, Philadelphia, United states to Miami global Airport, Miami, joined States. PHL - MIA trip time by direct and also one prevent flight.Distance in between PHL & MIA is 1630 kilometers.

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Flight time native PHL to MIA is 2 hrs 40 minutes

American Airlines is one of the straight flight which takes 2 hrs 40 minutes to take trip from Philadelphia international Airport (PHL) come Miami global Airport (MIA)

Direct trip time native Philadelphia to Miami by different airlinesJourneyDurationAirline
Philadelphia (PHL) ➝ Miami (MIA)2 hours 50 minutesFrontier Airlines
Philadelphia (PHL) ➝ Miami (MIA)2 hrs 55 minutesLAN Airlines, Aerolane
Philadelphia (PHL) ➝ Miami (MIA)3 hrs 4 minutesUS Airways
Philadelphia (PHL) ➝ Miami (MIA)7 hours 9 minutesUnited Airlines

1 Stop trip Time native PHL to MIA Via Charlotte Douglas Airport

One stop flight time indigenous Philadelphia come Miami via Charlotte is 5 hours 37 minutes (operated by united state Airways)

PHL come CLT1 hr 43 mins CLTWaiting Time1 hr 47 mins CLT come MIA2 hrs 7 mins Total Duration:5 hrs 37 mins

1 Stop trip Time native PHL come MIA Via Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta international Airport

One stop trip time indigenous Philadelphia to Miami via Atlanta, GA is 6 hours 16 minutes (operated by Delta wait Lines)

PHL to ATL2 hrs 15 mins ATLWaiting Time2 hrs 10 mins ATL come MIA1 hr 51 mins Total Duration:6 hrs 16 mins

Flight time indigenous Philadelphia worldwide Airport come airports near Miami, joined States

Flight time by straight flights and also one prevent flights indigenous Philadelphia worldwide Airport come airports close to Miami global Airport.

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
PHL - FLLFort Lauderdale, FL, fort Lauderdale/hollywood global Airport 2 hrs 42 minsNon-Stop
PHL - SRQSarasota, FL, Sarasota-Bradenton global Airport 4 hrs 23 mins1 protect against
PHL - RSWFort Myers, Southwest Florida Reg plane 2 hrs 48 minsNon-Stop
PHL - MCOOrlando, Orlando worldwide Airport 2 hrs 23 minsNon-Stop
PHL - PBIWest Palm Beach, Palm Beach worldwide Airport 2 hrs 40 minsNon-Stop

Philadelphia and also Miami space in the exact same timezone America/New_York

Current time in Philadelphia / Miami, United claims : Mon, 13 Sep, 2021,Philadelphia Timezone: EDT (-04:00)

03:09 pm

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PHL, Philadelphia - MIA, Miami trip Time

How long is the trip from Philadelphia worldwide Airport come Miami global Airport? What is the PHL - MIA trip duration? What is the paris time indigenous Philadelphia to Miami?

The airports map listed below shows the location of Philadelphia airport & Miami airplane and additionally the trip direction.

Find flight time native Philadelphia worldwide Airport or Philadelphia or any kind of other plane or city in United claims to assorted other destinations about the human being using this flight time calculator.