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Aer Lingus offers constant service in between Chicago and also Paris. Fly from Chicago to Paris through Aer Lingus and also look front to an ireland welcome ~ above board.

Why fly to Paris through Aer Lingus

We’ve introduced new, amplified cleaning procedures and also air filtering systems. Reap a safe and also convenient flight and a warmth Irish welcome top top board.

What is Our versatile Booking Policy?

We recognize that travel needs to be flexible at the moment so we"ve acquired lots of methods to make certain you can change your to plan easily. Brand-new options to keep your flights flexible encompass Free, limitless changes, guarantee voucher, Cash refund.

How long is the trip from Chicago come Paris?

The total flight time from Chicago to Paris is approximately 8 hours and 20 minutes. The complete distance is 6690km/4150 miles.

Things come do and places to check out in Paris

Known together the City of Lights, Paris is well known for its highlight landmarks, wait of romance, great shopping, and tasty cuisine. Loss in love through the French capital and book your flights to Paris through Aer Lingus today.

Landmarks in ParisAdmire the above Eiffel Tower native afar, before riding the elevator to the viewing point for sweeping city views. Visit highlights choose the significant Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Basilica, Sacré Coeur, Les Invalides and the Pantheon.

Shopping in ParisGo window shopping follow me the famous and also chic avenue des Champs Elysées because that the ultimate Parisian shopping experience, and also then head to Boulevard Haussmann for even more high-end retail. Discover the boutique stores of Rue de Rivoli, browser the trendy shop of Le Marais, and hunt for bargains in ~ Saint-Ouen flea market.

Paris v KidsSpend a fun-filled day at Disneyland Paris, enjoying assorted rides and also shows and meeting all of your favourite characters. Then, have actually a Parisian family members outing to Parc Astérix and Jardin D’Acclimatation. Watch as your children enjoy riding the carousel at Jardin du Luxembourg, visit the zoo, and inspire curious minds at the Natural background Museum and also La cite des Enfants.

How to acquire from the airport to the city centre?

To gain from Charles de Gaulle plane (situated about 25km (15 miles) north east of the city) to main Paris you have alternatives such together taxis and buses, but also the RER train, which is probably the fastest one.

Taxi: Taxis are situated in stations situated at the gateways of the come levels. A journey to the city centre will take around 30 minutes and it will cost between €53-58.

Bus: over there are number of bus services available at the plane to take it you to main Paris. Journey can range from 60-80 minutes and also costs from €6 -14.

Train: The RER trains market the fastest and also most dependable transfer alternative by windy transport right into the heart of Paris and have two stations within the terminal. The journey takes roughly 25-30 minutes and costs €11.40.

Do I require a Visa to visit Paris?

Visas come France rely on her nationality and length/purpose of her stay. Best thing to execute is check the official visa website because that France.

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