The Madden 20 NFL game arrived on respectable 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. Pic credit: IGN/YouTube

As the Friday, respectable 2, the Madden 20 NFL video game finally became available for download and also install. When some video clip game fans were play the game earlier due to pre-orders or EA Access, others room just obtaining the game downloaded.

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That brings questions about how lengthy the Madden 20 download time is and how to fix typical issues. Below are several of the recent details for the game on PS4, Xbox One or PCs.

How long does Madden 20 take to install?

For gamers that are downloading Madden 20 via a code on game stations 4 or Xbox One, it might take a while. The game is large, and a lot relies on connection speed.

There space those PS4 individuals out there who say the Wi-Fi inside the console isn’t the best, so save that in mind. Connecting your PS4 or Xbox console via ethernet can help.

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The video game can take it upwards of one hour to download and also install. Again, that relies on link speed and also strength and also any potential network congestion. Also so, it’s precious the wait to begin enjoying the Madden 20 NFL game on PS4, Xbox One, or PCs.

Common Madden 20 download issues, fixes

With a new game, over there is always the opportunity of troubles when trying come install. That have the right to be the instance with EA’s Madden 20 NFL game.

One issue might be what seems prefer a prolonged download. A recommended equipment is to stop the download on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console and also then resume. It may speed up after you’ve excellent this.

Another systems is to restart her console or PC. Of course, an additional potential solve is to reboot your modem and also router to check out if that fixes the issue.

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One other feasible issue as soon as it’s Madden 20 installation time is that your console lacks the necessary space to install the game. In this case, you’re walk to require to uncover a way to complimentary up the face.

The ideal solution is to get rid of a game or two that friend aren’t using, or check your stored content such as pictures and videos to view if there’s an are to it is in freed up there.

How to clean the cache on PS4, Xbox One

Another option is to clear the cache on your PS4 or Xbox One. You have the right to do this by transforming the PS4 off and also then unplugging it because that a minute or so. Then, plug it back in and turn that on.

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On the Xbox One, clearing the cache is a bit an ext involved. Go to the Settings and also into the System, warehouse area. Once there pick “Clear regional saved games.” after ~ that, go back to Settings, every Settings, Network, and also Network Settings. Pick “Go offline.”

Next, it’s time come restart the Xbox. Host the power switch down on the Xbox One because that 10 seconds. As soon as it restarts, attempt the Madden 20 install again to check out if that works.