“Hamlet, Prince the Denmark, act I, scene IV” by Henry Fuseli. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.You may remember the in my autumn TBR post, I pointed out a Hamlet read-along that ns planned to take part in. That started on the first of the month, yet never fear! We’ve only gotten as far as plot 1, step 4, so that won’t be too difficult to capture up.

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To be very blunt around it, ns love Hamlet. I didn’t think ns would once I an initial read that in my high institution English class, however whatever initiative it took to acquire through it was worthwhile: it’s now one the my favorite books. Below are simply a couple of of the factors why you might want to give Hamlet a shot in October.

1: The Setting

This, the course, is a play, typically encountered these days v splendid backdrops, props, etc. However in Shakespeare’s day, props were minimal and backdrops were nearly nonexistent. The whole atmosphere of the play depended on words fairly than ~ above visuals. For the reason, Hamlet establishes an setting of dread and also suspicion from the very first line. If, favor myself, you are enamored the shadowy eeriness, you will prefer this play.

2: The “Big Questions”

Unsurprisingly, there’s much more to talk around in this play than might be sifted through in ten readings.

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We’re only four scenes in, but already, we’ve had actually tons of fodder because that discussion, whether it was around the play’s context in history, conflicting see on the characters, or the ideas and views stood for by the beat itself. Maybe that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly kept this leader happy.