A if back, ns asked what sources you men learned reaction from. This time, I'm a bit curious as to how lengthy it took. Ns took a look in ~ the CodeCademy pages ~ above React and also various questions on StackOverflow, and I determined to recreate a straightforward site i made a if back. As I go so, i ran into every error you could think of, due to the fact that the tutorial didn't mention basic things (such as importing photos or just how to use refs).

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That said, i misunderstood exactly how long the takes to find out this library.


I had a demo up and also running in about a day.

It wasn't particularly good, however. The demo, the is.

Wrote an enterprise-level front end UI in about a month after ~ that.

It was far better than mine demo, yet I tho made some pretty exciting mistakes that I'd carry out over now if ns could.

Now I'm functioning on a new, more complicated front end UI, 4 months later, and I think I've acquired a really good handle on it now.

I think it has a slow, but long, finding out curve. It's basic to gain up and running, however you repetitively learn around the ideal patterns and worst anti-patterns as your applications grows in scale.

It additionally only take it me about a work but discovering React was likewise my an initial foray into using a develop system. (Gulp in ~ the time, now Webpack.) you can't really learn React without additionally learning a bunch of various other concepts. Which considerably increased the overall learning curve.

Haven't friend heard everyone always saying that you have the right to learn the entire react in a day?! Its such a small API! ...

I spent ~6 main rewriting one old app in Vue, climate React, therefore probably around 3 mainly of React/Redux and I felt like I had actually a great handle top top the basics. Then I began a task on a react codebase, another month there and everything clicked in ~ a deeper level—router, redux, testing, etc.

I'd speak it take it me around 1-2 months before I feeling comfortable make my very own "dumb" components, and also another 2 month after that before I felt comfortable making greater level components and working with various other tools prefer Redux and also React Router.

I execute agree the there is some finding out curve once it involves React, especially if you're also new to ES6 and webpack and all those various other things. However it's simpler to make new UI materials once you obtain the basics.

Depends on your background as well. The means things fit along with a facility SPA in reaction (I haven't learned react myself, however went v a similar thing v Angular) is an ext like application advance in mine mind, rather than much more 'traditional' internet development.

If you've done some mobile or desktop computer front-end job-related you'll probably pick up some of the concepts quicker.

And of course, if you've used one more front-end frame (they have tendency to it is in evolutionary rather than revolutionary) you'll probably simply need to choose up a couple of architectural quirks/conventions and also the API, i m sorry is quite simple. So learning it 'in a day' is probably much much more reasonable.

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There's additionally a many depth through "learning react", space you consisting of all the satelite libraries in that prefer Redux? that took me a while come 'get my head around'.