You prepared means too much whipped cream because that today’s dessert. Just how long does new homemade whipped cream last?

Or possibly you’ve to buy canned whipped cream, and also you’re wondering how long walk aerosol whipped cream last when opened.

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If either sounds familiar, this post is because that you. In it, we’re going to cover:

storage time because that whipped cream, depending upon whether it’s homemade, canned, or any type of other whipped topping product such as Cool Whipstorage methods for every one of the abovetelling if your whipped cream is excellent for and also should it is in discarded

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right in.


Sometimes, the product you buy is dubbed a whipped topping, not whipped cream. The guidelines in this post work well for both.

Frosted cupcakes with whipped cream

How lengthy Does Whipped Cream Last?

Homemade whipped cream lasts around a work if it’s unstabilized and up to 4 work if you stabilize it. Aerosol whipped cream keeps because that a couple of weeks previous the day stamped on the canister. Whipped topping commodities sold frozen in tubs store for months and also up to two weeks ~ thawing castle in the fridge.

If you choose fresh homemade whipped cream (as carry out I), friend don’t have actually much time as soon as you whip that heavy cream (or whipping cream). And you can’t really do whipped cream front of time, uneven we’re talking about hours, no days ahead.

If you need yours come keep top quality for longer than around a day, you should stabilize that (here’s how) utilizing gelatin, powdered sugar, non-fat powdered milk, or also melted marshmallows. Or use a advertising whipped cream stabilizer, such as Dr. Oetker’s Whip It.

And if you’re sweetening it with regular sugar, switch to powdered sugar because that a little of extra stability.


If those 3 to 4 job aren’t long sufficient for her needs, you can freeze homemade whipped cream.

Whipped cream
Aerosol whipped cream is finest if you use it by the day on the brand () however usually save for at least an extra main or two. And no, opening the can doesn’t limit the time you have to use the remaining whipped cream (unless the label claims it does).

When it involves products prefer Cool Whip, an interpretation whipping toppings marketed in tubs you can discover in the freezer case, castle keep quality for months. The usual shelf life of among those is about 18 months. As soon as you thaw that in the refrigerator, it generally retains top quality for about two weeks ().


You deserve to refreeze Cool Whip approximately 5 time (possibly more) without far-ranging quality loss. Do that if you recognize that friend won’t finish the bath tub within the pointed out two-week period.

Homemade whipped cream (unstabilized)1 days3+ months
Homemade whipped cream (stabilized)up come 4 days3+ months
Aerosol whipped creamBest-by + 2 weeks
Cool Whip and the like2 weeks1 – 2 years

Pancakes v whipped cream

How To save Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream requirements refrigeration, and also the exact same is true for many store-bought aerosol whipped creams. Any leftovers need to be tightly covered so that they don’t choose up any smells and also don’t dry out.

Cool whip is offered frozen, and the freezer is whereby it must sit until you’re all set to use it.

Homemade whipped cream loses top quality quite quickly, together you currently know indigenous the previous section. In most cases, the first sign of the is the it starts come separate.

Fun Fact

If you proceed to process whipping cream means past the certain peaks stage, friend will finish up through butter and also buttermilk. Here’s proof.

There room two means you deserve to mitigate the worry (besides stabilizing the all set topping):

Leave the critical 10 percent (or so) of whipped cream in the container.That’s where the fluid will finish up, and that’s what girlfriend don’t want to use. Utilizing your whisk or mixer to resolve the texture issue won’t help.

Whipped cream in a container
When it come toaerosol whipped creamproducts such as Reddi Wip and also the like, make sure the nozzle continues to be nice and also clean. That method rinsing it completely with warmth water and also wiping it dried after use (). This way, the nozzle doesn’t obtain clogged, and no microbes are growing there.


Freezing is not recommended for most aerosol whipped cream products. If require be, pour some whipped cream from the canister, and freeze what you’ve poured.

ForCool Whipand comparable products, remember that if you want them to critical as long as possible, you have to refreeze them after scooping the end as much as friend need. And also that thawing almost everywhere else 보다 in the frozen fridge (like in the microwave, because that instance) is a poor idea.

Decorating cupcakes with whipped cream (not the prettiest, but they tasted just fine)

Does Whipped Cream go Bad?

Whipped cream loses high quality much quicker than that technically go bad, also if we’re talking about stabilized whipped cream.

This homemade topping could stay for sure to use for as much as a week, i m sorry is similar to fifty percent and half, and also noticeably much less than cake cream. Yet its quality gets come the clues it’s unacceptable much quicker than that.

If you’re not sure if her whipped cream is great enough to add to new strawberries, ice cream cream, or a steaming cup of hot chocolate (or whatever recipe you love), carry out the following:

Check the volume.If the volume has dropped considerably or all the stubborn peaks have flattened, it’s more than likely no great (quality-wise).Look because that separation.A little of fluid on the bottom the the bowl is okay, however if her whipped cream type of floats on that liquid, it’s time because that it come go.Make sure it’s no sour.Heavy cream can go tart after prolonged storage, so your whipped one is precious checking too. That just makes sense if girlfriend didn’t include any street to it, that course.Look because that mold.If it’s homemade whipped cream or Cool Whip, check the cream’s surface and the container’s sides. Because that the aerosol whipped cream, examine the nozzle.Storage time.

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If yours sit in storage because that much longer than I argued earlier, it’s probably not safe anymore. Unless, girlfriend know, the producer claims you have the right to store it for much much longer than your usual whipped cream.Last however not least, if you’re not certain your whipped cream is okay to use, or its top quality is questionable, discard it. Much better safe than sorry.