If you’ve spent a while on TikTok, you might have noticed the the little crown icon that provided to it is in on some users’ profiles has now disappeared.

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That’s because these crowns have actually been replaced with confirmed checkmarks, like Twitter. TikTok’s crowns were just relics indigenous the job of Musical.ly and also have because been done away with.

If you’re an avid tik user and creator, you might be wondering just how to obtain one that these proved checkmarks yourself. If so, we’ve gained you covered.

Let’s take a watch at just how to acquire a showed checkmark ~ above Twitter.

Where go the Crown Go?

Months after gaining rival platform Musical.ly, TikTok finally replaced the crown v a brand-new confirmed checkmark.

If tiktok is the an initial social network you’ve joined—and considering the app’s younger demographics, that’s totally possible—the crown may have actually left friend confused, leave you without an understanding of why it’s on part profiles and not others.


What changed Crowns?

Instead the crowns, you’ll now uncover two different versions of confirmation on TikTok. The an initial is probably out the reach for you: proved user. This is the typical checkmark the we’ve watched on most other social networks, and also it’s mainly reserved for celebrities come ensure castle aren’t being impersonated. You’ll find this label on some accounts, however for the most renowned users ~ above TikTok, you’ll uncover something brand-new entirely.

Instead of giving all account a proved badge, tik has started giving well-known users the once had crowns title that check out “Popular User.” This puts these customers in a class above that the the standard TikTok-er, while likewise making the clear that the human isn’t a celebrity in the broader sense that the world.

In this case, TikTok proceeds to execute something various than a company like Twitter, where verified users variety from celebrities come journalists to every little thing in between. Tik doesn’t necessarily lower the traditional of being an authenticated user; it just way that there’s now a difference between celebrities and also influencers top top the platform.

How carry out I obtain Verified in TikTok?

Unlike other platforms, you can’t apply for the confirmed badge. When Tiktok staffers notice your account and also ensure the it meets the verification requirements, you’ll instantly receive the badge. Typically, verified users loss into one of three categories:

The user is immensely renowned on the site, serving together a contents creator that renders a huge mark ~ above TikTok’s communication in one means or another.The user is who of note, including actual pop stars and also musicians that take place to it is in on the platform.They have actually been preferred by the staff and also support team at tik as someone who needs verification or as someone that has displayed their dedication to creating content of keep in mind on the site.

What perform we typical by this?

Simple: individuals on tiktok are constantly looking for new content to follow. Thanks to the average size of a TikTok video being pretty short, it’s no surprised that customers are always hungry for more content.

So what go that average from you?

If you’re ready to find out the basics and progressed steps of creating a TikTok video clip that shines among the rest, and you do this repetitively for a long sufficient period, you’re bound come start acquiring noticed.

Of course, there’s constantly a method to rate up acquiring noticed, and for that, we jump to step two.

Follow users to gain more followers

We have actually an article accessible here for you to examine out on just how to gain more fans in TikTok, however the short version is this: once you have content that is not just respectable but also showcases your talents in the best means possible, you deserve to use the app’s follow feature to acquire noticed by brand-new users.

We indicate making ten powerful TikTok clips. Make them your ideal work possible, and also don’t be afraid to shot something brand-new or go exterior the box.

Once you’ve done that, you deserve to start utilizing the app’s headlining web page to find brand-new users. Refresh your feed and also start feather for new clips post from famous, and also possibly already-crowned tiktok users. Then, look with the comments on those videos to discover accounts of human being who enjoy the contents posted by the user.

When you’ve uncovered a comment post recently, click the account to include that profile to your adhered to list. As soon as the user receive a notification that you’ve adhered to them, countless will be inclined to check out your page, and since you have actually several good TikTok clips currently posted on your account, you’re most likely to acquire a monitor back.


Not anyone is walking to monitor you back. The primary vital here is not to get discouraged, and to stick with it the best you can. TikTok customers are regularly hungry for brand-new content and new creators. If her clips are an excellent and you save using this strategy to gain new followers, you’ll start receiving a complying with in no time.

Use the right gear—and the right songs

If you’re having troubles attracting a team of followers, make certain your tiktok videos are the best they can be.

Start by discovering where you’re filming. Look around your surroundings and also ensure the you have a beautiful backdrop, be it exterior or in her house. If you’re filming in your room, make sure to tidy things up. No one wants to watch a video that takes location within a messy bedroom.

If girlfriend don’t have someone approximately to host your phone, that’s okay. Instead, you can want to inspect out among the numerous smartphone tripods accessible on Amazon. Many of them are universal and also cost just $10 come $15 to acquisition for her smartphone, choose this one appropriate here.

Likewise, you desire to make sure you’re utilizing the correct song in her videos. If friend browse through the key feed inside of TikTok, you’ll probably notification a lot of repeats the songs and also clips. Don’t be afraid to usage those exact same audio clips in her videos; by using famous media, you put yourself one action forward top top the method to accomplishing your goal.

Additionally, you have the right to look v the search menu and also browse the Billboard warm 100 to find songs the are right now popular.

I uncovered a Site says They Can get Me showed — have the right to They?

The brief answer is no.

There’s no site on the net today that can gift you confirmation on TikTok, despite several sites noted on Google’s search outcomes that speak otherwise. The truth is that, favor verification on Twitter or Instagram, only TikTok staff and support teams can provide a crown come a file they deem worthy or essential to prevent fake listings.

Moreover, this websites are frequently phishing schemes design to acquire you to hand over her login information. This, of course, can lead to her account being compromised and also you losing accessibility to every one of your content.

As such, you should be certain to avoid any type of websites or customers that say they can help you gain verified on TikTok.

Can I use for a showed checkmark on TikTok?

No, and also to do it more unfortunate for those seek the coveted badge no tik doesn’t expose their specific algorithm because that assigning one.

Is a well-known creator argorial the same thing together a showed checkmark?

No, some individuals will obtain a famous Creator Badge before they ever get the checkmark, however they don’t also go hand-in-hand. Those who obtain the former are highly energetic on the platform and also get a lot of of interaction in your videos.

How plenty of likes go it take to get verified?

No one knows really, the best we deserve to ascertain is those who room verified have actually reached the attention of TikTok’s developers and also therefore deserve the checkmark.

Final Thoughts

Verification enables TikTok come highlight few of its finest content creators on the platform, with most of these individuals uploading at the very least once a day and often being featured top top the front page of the platform.

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While it deserve to take part time to develop your audience and also get verified, girlfriend can considerably increase your possibilities by functioning hard and creating high-quality content.