When the idea of Manifest Destiny to be proposed, which other country held the most territory in the contemporary United States?
Because castle were becoming independent, opening trade opportunities. They additionally had a lot of resources and not a many settlers.

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The Spanish, choose Father Junípero Serra, developed _____ in California to convert Indians to Christianity.
Which territory had actually missions created by Junípero Serra the housed much more than 18,000 aboriginal American converts?
The state constitution drawn up through Californians in ~ a convention in 1849 was significant for excluding _____.
It damaged Party unity and divided conference along linear sections. For this reason increasing tensions in between the North and also South.
Because he reasoned that Northerners would accept the addition of Texas if they gained their very own reward.
Because Santa Anna"s coup (army) troubled liberal mexican who wanted a decentralized federal system, similar to America. That undermined their autonomy (independence).
That they become Mexican citizens who worshiped as roman Catholics, welcomed the mexican constitution, and banned slavery.
At the end of the Mexican-American War, the United claims paid $15 million and left Mexico City in exchange for _____.

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The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and also the Gadsden Purchase raised the area the the United states by _____.


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