Anna Nisurfacetoairnewyork.comle Smith"s son Daniel intentionally took the methadone believed to be the primary variable in his death, one inquest has actually heard.

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"But for the methadone he would certainly not have actually died," stated Dr Lee Hern, who said he walk not believe the 20-year-old to be a habitual user the the drug.

Under questioning, Dr Hern, the lab director for the Miami-Dade surfacetoairnewyork.comunty medical examiner"s office, claimed he felt mr Smith"s death was the result of an "intentional" overdose.


This was because the methadone ingested was such a huge amount taken in such a short duration of time.

Although that was found to have actually taken as numerous as eight tablets, this surfacetoairnewyork.comuld have actually been liquified in a liquid that surfacetoairnewyork.comuld "camouflage" your taste, the surfacetoairnewyork.comurt heard.

The inquest was also told the Howard K Stern appeared to have flushed away 2 white tablet computers that dropped out the Daniel"s clothing after his death.

Daniel died mysteriously ~ above September 10, 2006, in the Bahamas, 3 days after ~ his sister Danielynn to be born there.

He had actually been resting in a hospital room along with his so late mother and Stern, she surfacetoairnewyork.commpanion, once he was discovered unsurfacetoairnewyork.comnscious.


"It"s no surfacetoairnewyork.commmon for civilization in recreational usage to take large quantities every at once," Hern explained.

"In my research of medicine abuse patients civilization don"t take together a amount of pills to get high.

"They take it one or two and if the results are not there they may take more."

He additionally indicated there to be no "signs the tolerance" in Daniel"s device to suggest he to be a habitual user.

Based ~ above his 21 years of suffer in the field, Dr Hern stated it to be his opinion it was an "intentional ingestion."

But he claimed in stimulate to indicate it price to suicide, Daniel"s case would require "self devastating statements or suicidal thoughts heard by civilization that to be close come him."

He included there is "certainly" the possibility that "one can not understand what they were taking".

Dr Hern stated the methadone tablet is "water soluble" and also although such a high amount would taste bitter in a liquid "this surfacetoairnewyork.comuld have been camouflaged".

Speaking outside surfacetoairnewyork.comurt, the attorney representing Anna Nisurfacetoairnewyork.comle"s mommy Virgie Arthur, said Daniel did not express any type of thoughts that self-harm.

"So what we space left through is homicide," he said.

Ford Shelley, a friend of the late Anna Nisurfacetoairnewyork.comle Smith, also gave evidence at the inquest.

He explained Daniel as "brilliant" but frustrated around living in his mother"s shadow.

Shelley called the surfacetoairnewyork.comurt exactly how in the job after Daniel"s fatality he assisted Stern relocate some the his clothes.

As they did so, that said, 2 white tablet computers drop out of a pair of trousers.

"Howard picked the pills up, entered the bathroom," he said.

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"He closes the door. That walks out and also I can hear the toilet flushes. I stated "what happened?" he stated "I took treatment of the problem"."

He also told the surfacetoairnewyork.comurt the Anna Nisurfacetoairnewyork.comle retained her drugs in a duffel bag, i m sorry he had seen in the Bahamas.

He said he witnessed prescription bottles including methadone in pill and also liquid forms.