Kandi finds an unforeseen lawsuit coming her way, if Cynthia faces Peter"s make the efforts to gain her friend to take it his side in their divorce.

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In true Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives fashion, the drama us left off with last week will take a little longer come simmer. The way, when it certain gets lugged up again, every of the ladies will really feel the sting the festering anger. Kandi and also Porsha’s beef, which allegedly stemmed native the Kandi-Phaedra feud, will seemingly do a comeback at some time in the future; however, this mainly is all about Cynthia reconnecting through Peter and also Kandi handling even an ext drama in she inner circle. We even get a surprise visit indigenous everyone’s favorite unhinged boyfriend, Matt.

To kick points off, Kenya and also Cynthia satisfy up to take your babies because that a walk, and also no, we’re not talking about kids — it’s all about the puppies. In the midst of having actually to clock Kenya lick her dog’s tongue, Cynthia learns some startling nsurfacetoairnewyork.coms involving her soon-to-be ex-husband: Peter invite Kenya to it is in the hostess because that his nsurfacetoairnewyork.com Bar One club opening. And also Cynthia had actually no idea. “I’m glad you told me,” she states to one otherwise oblivious Kenya. Apparently, miss out on “Gone through the Wind Fabulous” didn’t see how it would certainly be a problem to walk without telling Cynthia; she also invites her to tag follow me as a guest. If this states anything in ~ all, it’s that Peter will not fully leave Cynthia’s life without taking several of Cynthia’s precious friends through him.

Backstabbing and asking because that what isn’t rightfully owed seems to it is in common behavior in the ATL, together Kandi has to resolve a disgruntled ex-employee and “friend” of the Kandi Coated Nights gang. She ex-assistant and also event planner, Johnnie, to be let go a fsurfacetoairnewyork.com mainly prior for not providing his full attention to she business, however as much as Kandi knsurfacetoairnewyork.com, he taken the circumstances and left on a relaxed note.

Well, a society media short article from the man throws that idea out the window: Johnnie called out Kandi and her crsurfacetoairnewyork.com on Instagram because that being “fake.” Kandi offers Todd the lowdown ~ above the assistant drama, unsure of just how to resolve the passive-aggressive, attention-seeking post. She bigger fish to fry through Porsha gets lugged up, too, however Todd shoots that down pretty quickly and tells Kandi to focus on she businesses rather of what Porsha thinks of her.

It’s a an excellent thing for Kandi her frenemy is too busy setting up a nsurfacetoairnewyork.com chapter in life come come for her again. Porsha is lastly forced to move out of her old house, putting the crib top top the market for a nsurfacetoairnewyork.com home and also fresh start. It’s not that she disliked her present home; she just needed to take it on a nsurfacetoairnewyork.com room that reflected the nsurfacetoairnewyork.com, nonviolent woman she desires others to believe she is. We discover this via a step of her packing increase the kitchen. Apparently, her mother had actually helped the night before but left the end a entirety bottle that spray whipped cream. Why there to be a fresh party there, no one knows, yet Porsha decides to simply throw the rest of she kitchenware right into a box and head for the hills and also greener pastures.

In her own kind of reinvention, Shereé reveals that during the time she chateau was obtaining made — so, like, 3 years earlier — she was also working on her an initial novel. Originally intended together a memoir, Shereé take it the idea a bit further, turning her real-life stories into greater dramatized moment featuring fictional characters. So far there’s just one book, yet according to the meeting she has actually with one overly totally free publisher, it looks like a whole series of dramatic novels might be coming from Shereé. Relocate over, Sweet sink High, She by Shereé is ready to whoop your butts v her tales of the Atlanta elite gaining down and dirty — in an ext ways 보다 one.

The only problem is edits are still needed and also she hasn’t do a an excellent deal of development on those last details. In addition, she still has actually Bob coming after her for loving, but playing she typical-but-oh-so-enjoyable-to-watch games, Shereé puts him on the ropes until he can prove he can commit emotionally, physically, and also mentally. Just time will tell, however we’ve gained to offer Bob part credit for his insistence on keeping Shereé in his life. He knows he doesn’t deserve she — and well, so do we — for this reason it’s quite to view someone realize your place.

If just Johnnie can take a fsurfacetoairnewyork.com cues from Bob. During the 4th Annual “Bedroom Kandi” Convention, Kandi realizes she’ll have to see she ex-assistant after settling down from the shock that his aggressive Instagram post. Being the independent and hardcore mrs she is, Kandi decides to confront him around the post, pointing out they left points amicably. Because that his part, Johnnie disagrees, informing Kandi the should’ve to be pulled aside to have a discussion, quite than unceremoniously permit go.

Kandi doesn’t yes, really jive with this reaction, and also she call him out for being pompous and also ungrateful because that the methods she’s offered him in building his own business. Johnnie watch on in one of two people boredom or disbelief — it’s tough to tell underneath the embarrassment that must plainly be emotion for having actually to answer because that his mistakes. The then claims that in his opinion, he wasn’t paid sufficient for the quality and quantity of his work. This sends Kandi over the edge, forcing she to flee the moment in time for this reason she can focus top top what matters.

Johnnie gift Johnnie, though, gets the idea to create even more drama. For no factor — other than to get much more airtime — Johnnie goes to Phaedra’s legislation offices to plead his case versus Kandi and the “unpaid wages” she apparently owes him. “He looks like he’s prepared to meet Jesus in this small outfit,” says Phaedra as she lastly realizes the identification of the male in the suit. Phaedra is simply as surprised as we are about his visit, reminding united state all “Kandi and also Johnnie have been closer than 2 butt cheeks,” for this reason his appearance without Kandi over there feels out of place. Phaedra clearly loves understanding drama is about to unfold, for this reason she hears Johnnie out prior to sending him to a different lawyer, releasing her of ethical responsibility of representing him.

While no a lawsuit, the divorce between Cynthia and Peter should have been done periods ago, and also yet Peter still appears to it is in holding the end hope. Crashing Peter’s club opening, Cynthia reflects up “looking favor an ice-cream cone,” sending Peter into a right of pleasure — until he learn Kenya won’t be comes so she have the right to avoid her stalker, Matt. Suddenly, Kenya does present up and Matt isn’t far behind. When she hides in the ago of her automobile to let her bodyguard take treatment of the situation, Matt throws a punch, providing the bodyguard a reason to really do some damage. Before he can acquire a great slug in, though, Matt runs off, leave Kenya to act shocked this sort of behavior happened again.

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Meanwhile, Cynthia provides Peter respectful props for his great work. Peter interprets this as flirting and also invites her ago to his place for a little reconciliation. Thankfully, Cynthia declines, calling the whole come-on “awkward.” As much as the potential lawsuit comes Kandi’s way, Johnnie will have to try harder come get display time — but hooking up professionally v Phaedra might just perform the trick. Prior to that legal fight can begin, Porsha and Kandi must hash the end their differences, yet by the look at of next week’s previsurfacetoairnewyork.com, no one deserve to anticipate Matt’s dangerous make the efforts to get Kenya come hear the out.