Hong Jong Hyun enlisted to the military on December 2. (Photo: Prism2103 cropped )

Kim Woo Bin made certain to meet up through his good friend Hong Jong Hyun prior to the actor carried out his army enlistment ~ above December 2.

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In one interviewbefore his enlistment, Jong Hyun common that the last friend he met up with before his enlistment was Kim Woo Bin, who freshly made his an initial public appearance ~ his two-year bout v nasopharyngeal cancer.

It have the right to be recalled that the two friends started their modeling job together prior to they starred ~ above Vampire Idol in 2011.

"Kim Woo Bin is obtaining ready to return if I"m dealing with a new start, so us met up and encouraged each other. Woo Bin to be worried around me, and also he cheered me on," Jong Hyun said.

The actor said that he to be thankful because that being able to enlist also though he was doing so along with soldiers that were younger than he was. He stated that even though he was nervous and also anxious, that looked forward to fulfilling his duty together a soldier.

Jong Hyun also shared his thoughts about spending the holidays and his date of birth in the army and also said that it would certainly be an chance for something different while training together a soldier.

He assured fans the they don"t must worry due to the fact that he will certainly be safety his time mirroring on his life as he take away a rest from work-related after ten years in the industry. Together a last message, he expressed his gratitude to his supporters, who sent out him well wishes prior to his enlistment.

Before his enlistment, Jong Hyun cheerfully shared images of his preparation. With the Instagram pageof his company C-JeSEntertainment, the actor mutual his visit to the salon whereby he got his buzz cut and also greeted his fans in a video post. The told fans that even though it to be going to it is in cold to train in December, he will certainly come out of that stronger and also healthier.

Hong Jong Hyun enlisted at the Nonsan army Recruit Training center in southern Chungcheong Province, wherein he will certainly receive 5 weeks of simple training before he is deployed come his assigned unit.

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It deserve to be recalled the in an earlier interview, Jong Hyun seemed confident around reporting for his causing obligation enlistment. He stated that that knew he was going to be an actor for a lengthy time, therefore he didn"t worry much about fulfilling his duties as a soldier. His last project before enlistment to be the romantic comedy, My absolute Boyfriend.