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You understand what those beloved pics of babies with chubby cheeks and also mashed fruit and also veggies plastered anywhere their challenge have in common? yes sir a high chair (and a mess) in every single one the them. When it comes to beginning solid foods, it’s vital to have actually a spot because that your little one come nosh in the is safe and also easy come clean.

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Do You need a High Chair?

Yes, we recommend that you add a high chair to her registry for a few reasons. High chairs room convenient, and also they help contain the mess that comes along with beginning solids. However most that all, they place your tiny one in the suitable upright place for eating, offering a safe, comfortable spot for them to absent off their lifelong journey v food.

How to choose a High Chair

Do girlfriend live in a smaller space and eat most of your meals roughly a tiny table? then a booster-style seat the straps best onto among your chairs or one that clips come a counter may be best for girlfriend so baby can pull up a seat appropriate at the table. Execute you have actually a larger table, or live in a house with multiple eating areas? climate a independent seat that comes with its very own tray and also can quickly be moved from room come room might be your best bet.

When it pertains to cleaning, some parents nothing mind sacrificing kind for function and choose whatever high chair best fits their favorite aesthetic. But if girlfriend know consistent scrubbing or gaining into nooks and crannies is walking to drive you nuts, you may want to stick with a basic, plastic model or one with wipeable fabric.

A couple of other points to take into consideration when you’re selecting the high chair include:

Durability. plan on a large family and passing your high chair down from child to kid? Although lock on the pricier side, investing in a well-made wood seat might be the best choice for you. How long will you use it? Think around how lengthy you’re hope to save your little one in a high chair. Over there are number of chairs that flourish with her child, either by convert to a booster seat or also to an adult-sized chair. Safety. always consider her child’s safety when buying any kind of piece of infant gear, yet especially once it come to choosing the best high chair. You’ll want to make sure your seat functions a restraint device like a 3- or 5-point harness, great stability (if the chair has wheels, make sure they lock in place), a crotch post and also nothing that’s going to pinch or capture on baby’s small fingers and toes—or top top yours.

For even more info on choosing the ideal high chair for your family, examine out our how-to video:

When execute You need a High Chair?

Because you will do it be parenting or bottle feeding because that a while, friend won’t need a high chair till your infant starts eat solid food—usually around six months. But you’ll get an excellent use the it lengthy after that, up to 2 or 3 years old or past depending ~ above the seat.

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How We decided Our ideal High Chairs

We request thousands of genuine families around the baby products they love the most, then took the optimal high chairs they mutual with us and included our own research and insight. We think you and your tiny one will certainly love at the very least one of this items too.