Cleansing air conditioning at the drugstore room becoming much more and more come and also this new Herbal Essences shade Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner is one you’ll uncover easily sufficient your next trip come your local shop.

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This actually for shade treated hair. I didn’t dye mine hair, never have, but I thought I’d try it and review it as a cleansing conditioner but not so much as exactly how it performs on shade treated hair.

Hope that’s ok!?

Herbal Essences color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner is a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that’s recipe for shade treated hair.

According to so countless reviews and marketing I’ve check out on this the was supposed to be have a beautiful increased scent. Honestly, it smelled like the classic fruity sweet floral organic Essences signature fragrance yet not so much like roses to my nose. Maybe I’m absent something? The lovely thing around this scent is it lingers beautifully! It’s the type of scent that civilization will skinny it and also smell her hair asking what you provided to wash it! but for me the does no smell choose roses.

I’ve currently tried the organic Essences naked Cleansing Conditioner currently which I discover MUCH thicker. This is rich, creamy, special yes, but it seems like when I apply it to mine wet hair it breaks under instantly and also becomes thinner and easier to work through my locks. Ns actually prefer the lighter texture together it seems to reason less develop up, it’s easier to occupational through my hair, and also it rinses quicker.

People space sometimes perplexed with how a cleansing conditioner works. It’s basically prefer a wealthy hair masque that’s well balanced to clean hair as it conditions. It sports the exact same consistency as a conditioner, does not lather or foam, but still cleanses hair together it conditiones in one action so no need for shampooing prior. You might wish to clarify her hair weekly after making use of a cleansing conditioner daily. I personally clarify my hair at the end of the week since cleansing conditioners deserve to cause construct up. In ~ one suggest in my life i was complimentary from silicones because I was making use of Lush haircare exclusively and also lord to know my hair had actually a great hair work every solitary day of its life. Yet when I began to use silicones again I had to it is in conscious about the construct up ns was causing therefore I do remind myself come clarify.

The thing about the herbal Essences shade Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner formula is i felt favor it created significantly less develop up. This formula is lighter than the naked formula for this reason if you wanted something lighter go with this.

Overall, i can’t speak for color treated hair however my own longer, contempt dry, wavy hair looks an excellent after utilizing this! my hair is smoother, softer, with much less frizz and also I’m able come comb v it without capturing a ton that tangles. I’d dare say it to be as good as Wen if not far better because that the lighter texture.

This one gets a Muse Approval.

Love it!

Herbal Essences color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner is available now at drugstores.


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