Luckily for the designers, last week"s Emmy duo an obstacle is end - but that doesn"t mean everything is it s okay in the Project Runway world. After she altercation with Christopher on the runway, Andrea has actually gone absent from the apartment. But prior to anyone seems to realise that, they"re turn off to Michael Kors"s boutique top top Madison Avenue come hear around the following challenge.

Tim announces come everyone that Andrea left in the middle of the night, and also Christopher feels terrible. Apparently, the producers have actually been unable to with her. Fairly than sympathy, her fellow designers seem to be angry the Andrea can walk away from the competition. Everyone agrees that the fashion market is very an overwhelming but the they need to bounce earlier and rise above the challenges presented.

Next, Michael announces the task for the week. The contestants will have to make a look for a "woman ~ above the go" - stylish and fashionable that has actually versatility, practicality and also function. Tim and Michael firmly insist that fabric choice is vital for this time around, as the item the designers develop will need to last with the day. They"ve obtained $150 and one work to carry out it. After getting a 30-minute lay out session at Michael"s flagship shop, it"s turn off to Mood. Tim advises everyone to imagine their design as a character, and also design your looks based upon what lock think their woman is law on that specific day. The pieces really should be true to each designer"s aesthetic, for this reason it"s essential they tread closely with this one.

At Mood, the contestants scramble around to find the perfect materials for your look. Buffi tries come veer far from making use of pink, however tends to save going ago to it. Dimitry is not finding the ideal shade of black color in the best fabric, however others are slightly much more focused. Kooan"s very stressed, and his attitude is remarkable to his fellow competitors, despite he insists it"s simply that he has actually "a lot to think about".

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In the workroom...

Back in the workroom, the developers want to comment on what occurred with Andrea. Christopher feels that he"s partly responsible for her exit, however everyone tells him not to issue too much around it. But during this conversation, another announcement is made. Kooan - who has been noticeably quieter over the past couple of days - has chose to walk home. If the others shot to to convince him to remain in the game, Kooan is sure of his decision.

It appears like every little thing is fall apart, and also then a tearful Nathan speaks up and says the he understands wherein Kooan is comes from together he likewise wants to leave the competition. Anyone in the workroom is fairly upset about this, yet Tim come in and also gathers anyone around and wants to recognize what"s happening. He speak them that everyone has functioned hard to get there and that many of people would love to it is in in the competition. However, Kooan insists the he has actually made his decision and must uncover his own method in the fashion industry. He desires to style in his own way and is ready to go. He says his goodbyes come his other designers and also is top top his way.

The atmosphere in the workroom is pretty depressing - anyone is upset. However, there"s a challenge to it is in done and also with just one work to produce their "woman top top the go" look, there"s no time come sit and also think around it. Tim tells them that things take place for a reason and also that this is tho a compete - and considering the the judges require enough human being to pick from, they"ve brought ago Raul! Only removed last week, it"s certainly a mood lifter. The only person who isn"t therefore excited is Ven, who thinks that Raul has actually too countless excuses on the runway. However that"s neither here nor over there - Raul"s jumping in on the task ideal away (and has a few more hours, considering his late start).


It"s no long before Tim is earlier yet again, despite this time, it"s without any announcements. Instead, he wants to inspect out the designers" work and also see how they"re acquiring on. Fabio it s okay some hopeful feedback, despite Tim advises him come "be careful" with his proportions. Buffi"s look is a little bit misdirected, and Tim help her follow me by telling her no to walk overboard with prints when it"s the simple elements that occupational the best.

When it concerns Christopher, his concepts are alright, yet Tim notices the he seems "ambivalent". Christopher insists the it"s just because he"s worried around being in the bottom again, and Tim adds the the drama that the previous 24 hrs probably hasn"t aided his psychological state. Meanwhile, Raul is relocating right together with his work, despite he struggles with time management. Ever before the naysayer, Ven thinks that Raul needs to go home again because "everything the does is a mess". Ouch!

The last few hours of the day happen quickly, and finally, the moment to work-related is over. Yet after the design fitting the next day, tensions room still to run high when Christopher do the efforts to market Buffi some constructive criticism and she reaction none too kindly to it. Raul also runs into a significant disaster when his version tries ~ above his pants, as they"re 4 inches as well short and also not nearly wide enough. Still, there"s not too much time to obtain it all with each other - they require to obtain ready because that the runway!


The runway show...

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Heidi is joined at the runway by judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and this week"s guest judges, actress Hayden Panettiere and designer Rachel Roy. Before the present starts, however, Heidi has some choice words about Andrea and also Kooan leave the competition, saying the some human being just can"t handle the press of the industry. However no matter, let"s check out the clothes!

After the runway walk, Gunnar, Ven, Nathan, Alicia, Melissa and also Elena make their means through come the following round. Together for the others, they"re the highest and the lowest.

Sonjia is the very first to obtain her criticism on she grey twisted jersey dress, i m sorry Heidi loves, saying the she controlled to manipulate the cloth in an interesting way. Michael loves the she didn"t carry out anything too conventional as it can be dressed up or down. Nina calls the "conservative however sexy" and even Hayden admits it"s one of her favourites this week. Rachel marvels whether it can be worn front to back, and applauds she for reasoning so much around the design.

Fabio"s black and also white tribal publish dress seems a small too structured because that Michael, as he desires to see just how Fabio gift himself included into his clothes, which Rachel agrees with. Heidi would have made the equivalent black blazer longer, as it now looks shrunk. Nina have the right to see just how the mini dress is comfortable, however thinks that lacks glamour and that it had actually much much more potential 보다 he put into it.

Christopher"s silky black dress through leather jacket is a hit with the judges. Heidi can"t believe he do both pieces with $150, and also Hayden loves it together well, call the coat "killer". Rachel applauds him because that achieving a "day come night look", saying the he knows what"s modern but tho relatable. Nina think it look at polished, easy and sexy. Michael think he "nailed it" once it pertains to balancing glamour and also function.


It"s no such good news for Buffi, who pink chiffon over black and white leopard print dress falls short to to win a chord. Hayden want to view something that pulled it with each other more, but she does favor the colour. Heidi thinks it looks "really inexpensive" and admits that it doesn"t work-related for her at all. Rachel admits that if you have to rely entirely on a belt come pull your look together, that doesn"t work. Michael compares it come a "hair shop smock", dubbing it "just weird".

Raul"s look - the grey trousers through black towel (to consist of for the misfitting, that course) and also the loose vest, is quite bad. Michael hated it when it came out on the runway and says the the jacket to be "on deathwatch" but that unbelting it very barely conserved it. There are some major technical issues, together well, as his job-related looks sloppy. Nina notices the the coat is also long, and Rachel thinks that Raul was also ambitious as he couldn"t finish just one element.

Dmitry"s black dress is "the finest made garment" the judges have seen today, according to Michael, though he desire it was in a more "fabulous" colour. Heidi likes it, but she doesn"t need to have it together it lacks sex appeal. Hayden wishes the he go one step more with the design, but Nina thinks there are "infinite possibilities" to carry out something huge with it. Rachel applauds his sewing skills and that he balanced the look, making something "beautiful and also exquisite".

After talking among themselves, it"s revealed that this week"s winner is... Sonjia! Hayden will certainly be wearing her dress to a red carpet event, add to she it s okay immunity for the following challenge! Christopher is additionally safe, as is Dmitry. That pipeline Raul, Buffi and also Fabio in the bottom three. Miraculously, Raul survives (perhaps due to the fact that he just just acquired back).

Finally, it"s revealed that Buffi is eliminated and will it is in leaving the competition. "All the other designers kept telling me "Be yourself, that"s why we love you", and it"s been a substantial learning experience," she says adhering to her exit. "I execute like mixing prints and also colours and maybe it"s tacky to some people, but I favor being unique and also I wouldn"t want to dress for anyone else."

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