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5of20A actors of Williams confront gives the impression the the Doubtfire face originates from one singular mask. Actually, the Doubtfire challenge included lot of foam latex pieces.

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7of20Capurro and also Fierstein looks at the finished Doubtfire costume.

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8of20Williams as the brunette.

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10of20Williams sings "Don"t Rain on mine Parade," i beg your pardon Capurro and also Fierstein taught him moments before.

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11of20The renowned scene in whereby Daniel Hillard i do not care Mrs. Doubtfire.

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13of20The renowned scene in wherein Daniel Hillard i do not care Mrs. Doubtfire.

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14of20The famous scene in wherein Daniel Hillard i do not care Mrs. Doubtfire.

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16of20The famous scene in where Daniel Hillard i do not care Mrs. Doubtfire.

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17of20Robin Williams circa 1980 in brand-new York. (Photo by Sonia Moskowitz/Images/Getty Images)

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19of20Actors Julia Roberts and also Robin Williams watch everyday production footage v director Steven Spielberg ~ above the set of his film, "Hook," 1991. (Photo through Columbia Tristar/Getty Images)

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Robin Williams was a an extremely kind man.

Ve Neill doesn’t remember every information of the days spent shooting 1993’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” in san Francisco, however she does recall that fact clearly. And also she’d know — over the course of filming, Neill, the assembly artist who operated on Williams, invested hundreds of hrs with the star.

She assembled a repertoire of foam latex pieces much more than 50 time to do Williams right into the incognito protagonist pan know and love, but Euphegenia Doubtfire wasn’t the only look. In one significant scene, Neill make Williams right into a coiffed brunette woman through red lips, one elderly babushka and, many recognizably, Barbra Streisand. That scene’s supporting actor Scott Capurro claims there was additionally an outtake in i beg your pardon Williams was comprised to look favor Ivana trump — but more on that later.

Of every the iconic moments of “Mrs. Doubtfire,” no one showcase Williams’ skill because of this a flexible comic gibbs as once his Daniel Hillard character, a voice actor, arrives at the doorstep of his brothers Frank (Harvey Fierstein) and also his brother’s husband, Jack (Capurro) for a full nanny makeover. The objective: to fool his ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field) into believing he’s an elderly, prim Scottish caretaker.

Working through Greg Cannom, Neill was approximately the task of actually making that happen. One of the film’s assembly artists was uniquely proficient for the job; she’s a Hollywood industry legend that just prior to “Doubtfire” winner an Academy Award because that 1988’s “Beetlejuice.”

Capurro, a comic and actor in mountain Francisco, didn’t quite have actually the clout Neill did once he got involved. He was brand-new to movie acting once the “Doubtfire” chance came along, however he couldn’t have actually prepared much for the audition anyway. That didn’t get a script, nor much detail around the role or movie itself. Every he knew was that the character for which that was analysis was small, but important.

“I to be asked come improvise, and I mental the casting agent speak we need to make Robin right into a presentable female — what would you do?” Capurro says. “I remembered reading an article around Robin having had actually his hands shaved because he was so hairy because that a film, therefore I just started pretending ns was a designer. I said, ‘First thing you"ve gotta carry out is cut your hands since you space hairy as a bear.’ and also I acquired a large laugh with that … i didn"t camp it up in the audition, yet I made it clear that i was happy to be out on screen, which most likely was inexplicable in 1993.”

When production began, Neill and also Cannom (with Yolanda Toussieng) began arising the look of the titular Mrs. Doubtfire. The Doubtfire character was derived from a real-life Scottish woman, which intended the assembly team would be in because that a fairly time-consuming challenge. Before every day’s application, the assembly team had actually to recast every the individual latex piece from scratch prior to they can be applied to Williams’ face: a neck piece, nose, lips, eye bags, eyelids and also forehead.

Each application of the complete Doubtfire confront took hours, leading Neill and her assistant, Stephan Dupuis, to work out a means to keep Williams occupied during long sittings in the makeup chair. They arrived on a surprising solution.

“(Robin) had not checked out a lot of standard films, in ~ all, and I assumed that was so odd,” Neill remembers. “Stephan lugged in his laser disc player — that"s how long back this was — and also I took the doors turn off the cupboards. We placed this screen up over there so he might watch the movies in the mirror. Mental you, i think I put him in that makeup choose 52 times, so we"re talking around quite a couple of films.”

Here, Neill and also Capurro revisit the makeover scene and its frenetic filming for Capurro vividly recalls his overwhelming nerves on collection and Neill remembers planning Williams’ various looks top top the fly. Williams, both say, was together buoyant together ever.

These interviews have actually been edited and also condensed because that clarity.

Neill: We want to try a most things just to see how countless different methods we might make that look together a woman. So we simply used a lot of stock piece we had and tried various noses and, girlfriend know, various disguises and wigs, head wraps or whatever we can figure out ... I"m pretty sure that we simply kind of winged our way through that.

Capurro: as soon as we go in, they proved us a bedroom and also there were outfits laid out for every one of us. The was fairly a big apartment, ns remember, and I to be trying to continue to be out that everyone"s way. (Because) also in a huge apartment, there"s bright tech, sound people, there"s human being everywhere. And we all had extras also stepping in for us in-between takes.

Neill: ns remember the was really hectic, yet it was sort of fun due to the fact that the collection dressers had actually the room set up and I said, "Oh no, this is every wrong." and I think ns went v and readjusted a most the set dressing approximately in there to do it look choose it was actually a assembly room.

Capurro: It was this really intimate setting and anyone was real nice. I"m sure I inquiry a most stupid questions and messed up a lot. Ns remember my first line, where I say, “He"s obtained a five o"clock shadow in ~ 8:30 a.m. And also you"re worried about some wires.” i screwed that line increase so countless times. Ns was for this reason nervous and I can not gain it right.

Neill managed the miscellaneous looks tried on Williams transparent the scene, despite she and Capurro different on exactly how long filming took. Neill claims they do the efforts multiple combos that prosthetic noses and wigs on Williams, beginning with the “babushka” look.

Capurro: We operated off the script as ns recall — this could be wrong, yet we worked from the manuscript for a pair of tapings and also then the cameras simply rolled and also just let it rip. There was a lot of improvisation ~ above the set.

Neill: We"d most likely started through the older woman through the large nose, since there wasn"t a the majority of beauty assembly involved. Together you know, the more you placed on, the you have to take off. And also then we went into the Barbra Streisand one.

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Capurro: it flew by due to the fact that we were improvising and also Robin was so funny. Ns remember he didn"t recognize the lyrics to the song . “I can"t believe you don’t recognize the lyrics,” but it"s most likely a happy anthem song. He"s like, “No, girlfriend gotta teach me that.” so we had actually to teach the a couple of songs the he finished up doing.