Capital takes a closer watch at one of the sweet friendships in pop together we delve right into what renders Ed Sheeran and US star Taylor Swift the perfect music matches because that one another.

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2. Once Taylor won a BRIT award, she just couldn't assist but provide Ed a love shout-out!

We're quite sure once this moment happened, the whole civilization felt every one of the feels. We LOVE YOU too ED.


3. Lock look good in photos together!

Something about this picture just SCREAMS "Let united state be your pals too!"


4. Castle know just how to party once the moment's right... And also bring follow me their celeb pals!

Just view this snap the them the end clubbing through budding star Austin Mahone for reference.


edsheeran's ideal look ever. #redtour" Taylor posted alongside this delightful snap. Picture: Taylor Swift instagram

6. Castle made sure to look after every other... And even swap clothes!

We reckon this cap looks fairly fetching top top young Ed! Picture: Getty

7. Ed and also Taylor also sit together at big awards shows... So they deserve to have a natter and a catch-up

We can LOVE to have actually been a fly-on-the-wall in this conversation. Picture: Getty

8. Just watching them together, it's evident how comfortable Taylor and Ed are!

See this snap of them touring the UK just melts our HEARTS!

9. Taylor and also Ed LOVE themselves a cup that tea... #StarsAfterOurOwnHeart

"Ed told me to subtitle this "SWEERAN" Taylor posted through this snap. Think we've found ourselves a new name for this pair! Picture: Instagram

10. Even if it is it's chilling together and writing songs, or partying ~ the VMAs... They're constantly BFFs!

Love this snap the Taylor and also Ed partying through Harry styles after the MTV VMAs. Picture: spikyphil instagram

11. They're also invited end to play together at the us ambassdor's house! #CoolKids

Wait... Is the Cara Delevingne singing v our favourite pop pair? Picture: Instagram

12. They look lover riding a roller-coaster together

Taylor declared she had "the finest day ever" together she hit Disney world with the british star. Her challenge says that all!

13. Ed and Taylor room kindred soul musically!

Both Taylor and Ed have been vocally supportive of each other in the press and also Ed told MTV the two are "very lot alike musically", which provides sense because they space two the the greatest singer-songwriters in the world right now. Picture: Twitter

14. Castle teamed up because that an exceptional duet ~ above 'Everything has Changed'

The pair recorded the tune 'Everything has actually Changed' because that the country star's album 'Red'.

15. Taylor carried her pal Ed Sheeran to sign up with her top top the 'Red' tour

The 'Lego House' male hit the road with the singer ~ above her substantial North American 'Red' tour.

16. This pair of pop BFFs desire to document even more music together

If there's one sure authorize that the friendship in between Ed and US star Taylor is real, it's that the two setup to relax even much more duets with each other in the future.

17. Ed and Taylor always support every other's job achievements

Taylor was rapid to send Ed a message of congratulations ~ his MTV Europe Music Awards nomination,, and the 'A Team' singer did similarly after Taylor offered a massive 1.2 million duplicates of her album 'Red' in just one week. There's one thing that's for sure…these two have actually each other's backs!

18. Ed's the one who came up with a nickname because that his BFF Taylor

After gift congratulated by Taylor because that his achievements on Twitter, the 'Small Bump' star revealed he has already come up v a pet surname for his mate throughout the pond when he affectionately described her together 'Tay Tay'. #Adorbs.

19. Taylor was a huge part in help our Ed crack America

By having him sign up with her on tourism in 2013, Ed claims Taylor is help to "open increase doors" because that him in the United claims as the will obtain to lug his distinctive brand of popular music to an entirely new audience. Currently THAT'S what friends space for.

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20. Taylor was simply as excited as Ed to be to she him top top tour v her

While sustaining Taylor ~ above the 'Red' tour in 2013 is a large deal because that Ed Sheeran, 'Begin Again' singer Taylor seems simply as excited around their country-wide adventure and has claimed she feels choose the "luckiest girl" to have the UK star joining she on the road.

21. Taylor also treats Ed to a clues of home cooking when the time calls for it

The 'Love Story' singer created 'Everything has Changed' v Ed at her house in America, and also the singer later revealed she had cracked out the oven mitts and also baked the an apologize pie after your songwriting marathon. Conserve us a part Taylor!Picture: Twitter

22. Ed has sealed their friendship in ink!

Ed has already immortalised Taylor's album and tour 'Red' by having actually the location tattooed ~ above his left bicep, ~ realising the tour will be a huge part that his life in 2013. There's no going earlier now Ed! Picture: Twitter

23. When they gain those guitars out together and also start just... Works!

Especially when they've gained the huge Madison Square Garden appropriate in the palm of your hands!

24. Friend only have to watch lock performing on phase together to know this is their FAVE moment

Back top top the 'Red' tour, this was many fans' favourite moment of the night. Picture: Splash