Harman Kardon One Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Harman Kardon is one the best-known brand in American consumer technology. Even if it is it’s because that the home or auto, it’s an deserve level the respect after years of business. I very first heard that Harman Kardon as a child once my dad purchased among their famous solid state stereo receivers. Now that we’re a much more mobile society, they have actually a footprint in the headphones and mobile speak space. Whether it’s audio/video receivers, speakers, or headphones, they fight in a vain landscape. So exactly how does the HK One Bluetooth portable speaker ridge up? Let’s take it a closer look at in this Harman Kardon One speaker review.

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Pros:• Handsome aluminum grill design• hard construction• strength rating the 2 x 6W• HTC attach technology• Comes with carrying case

Cons:• Lack of color options• Not water resistant• tiny 2000mAh lithium-ion battery• bad battery life ≤ 5 hours• $200 price tag

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HK One Design and also Features

The HK One is a fine looking speaker. First off the design.

A dark, gray aluminum grill covers the HK One top top top, front, and rear. A “harman/kardon” logo is placed dead center on the front. The grill pattern is extended end-to-end with a zigzagging grid come disperse sound. Not only does this enhancement enhance the speaker’s grip, however it likewise causes the aesthetic to be more dynamic and also robust. The speaker’s underside is heavy aluminum. Edges are beveled revealing a bright aluminum finish. Directly underneath the grill is a lighter gray material.

Be careful with the speaker. Together it’s shaped like a brick, it also will sink favor a brick if you drop that in water. The does no float

A black, rubbery product adorns the sides. On the left side, there space five buttons: Power, decrease Volume, increase Volume, Bluetooth, and Speakerphone. On the right, there space Aux and mini-HDMI jacks together with the LED indication for the battery. Pat time is roughly five hrs on a full charge, around two hours at best volume. Charging time to be slightly an ext than two hours. Charging the battery is tackled via the aforementioned mini-HDMI jack. Need to you desire to hear to music or a podcast via a cabled connection, that’s what the Aux port is for. The one problem to be mindful of is that fingerprints shine on the rubber material.

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The speaker has overall dimensions of 68.2 x 68.7 x 180 mm (2.68″ x 2.71″ x 6.09″) While not a perfect rectangle; it’s just 0.5 mm off. Not enough for the human being eye to notice the difference. The HK One weighs in at 2.06 lbs.