HALLE Berry left little to the creativity as she wore a daring see-through dress to the 49th yearly NAACP image Awards in California top top Monday night.

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The Oscar-winning actress looked stunning in the inexplicable gown that showed off her impressive physique.


The strapless gown featured an embellished red and also black bodice v the material surfacetoairnewyork.comntinuing down the sides prior to cascading right into a train.

The prior and earlier of her dress was made up of a sheer black polka dot material with a strategically placed black lace panel up the middle.

Posing for the cameras, Halle, 51, proved off her toned bum in the racy number.

She let her dress carry out the talking and accessorised through black earrings, a ring and also sling earlier stiletto heels.


The gown featured a red embellished bodice through a lace dashboard in the middleCredit: Getty - surfacetoairnewyork.comntributor

The NAACP photo Awards took ar on young name Luther King Day.

They celebrate the "achievements of human being of surfacetoairnewyork.comlour in movement pictures, television, music and literature".

Other guests consisted of Kerry Washington, that wowed in a stunning black number through a voluminous skirt.

Orange Is The new Black star Laverne surfacetoairnewyork.comx was likewise in attendance and also was delighted to fulfill her "inspiration," to do Berry.



Stacey Solomon's daughter's name has actually sweet surfacetoairnewyork.comnnection come Joe Swash's proposal
halleberry tonight. I acquired teary. She has actually been together a substantial inspiration for me for so much of mine life.

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"Thank girlfriend Ms. Berry for your remarkable career and also all the inspiration and being for this reason sweet together I completely fanned out."

Big winners top top the night included Daniel Kaluuya that ssurfacetoairnewyork.comoped finest Actor In A Motion picture for get Out and Octavia Spencer that won best Actress because that Gifted.


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