In July 2020, Haleigh Broucher of Big brothers 20 fame announced she and The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat decided to component ways after nearly two year of dating. A month later, he completed on season 36, Double Agents, and became interested in Tori Deal. Following the season, she damaged up through fiance Jordan Wiseley, and also many fans asserted they observed her and Fessy vacationing together, fueling date rumors.

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When the season started airing, a Jan. 2021 segment seemingly emphasize a romantic connection between Fessy and also Tori. If Tori spoke out and insisted she no cheat v him, Haleigh additionally told her side the the story, explaining she planned a life because that her and Fessy after ~ the season.


Faysal Shafaat and also Haleigh Broucher space on the block in the large Brother residence | Sonja Flemming

Haleigh Broucher announced breakup v Fessy Shafaat in July 2020

In the summer the 2018, Haleigh Broucher and Faysal, or Fessy Shafaat met while completing on Big brother 20. The two gone after their romantic relationship an ext in the jury house and continued date after the show.

Although the pair visited every other during the holidays and also went on numerous vacations together, they had actually a long-distance relationship as he lived in Florida and also she finished school in Texas.

— Haleigh Broucher (
haleighbroucher) July 15, 2020

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Two year after they began dating, in July 2020, Haleigh announced she and Fessy amicably parted methods on her Instagram Story and Twitter.

She defined the 2 tried to do it work yet “the distance, the various backgrounds, and the continuous pressures online” ultimately broke them up. Fessy has actually yet to discuss the split.

Tori Deal and also Fessy allegedly began romantically seeing each other

A month after ~ the breakup announcement, Fessy flew the end to Iceland come film The difficulty 36: twin Agents. He noted he mutual a “genuine connection” with co-star Tori Deal during the season and admitted he discovered her attractive.

However, she claims nothing romantic happened in between the 2 while they to be in the house as she had a fiance, multi-champ Jordan Wiseley, in ~ the time.

Fessy and also Tori once they walk on vacation with each other

— Jay (
jaychallenge1) January 6, 2021

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A few weeks after ~ filming wrapped, Tori and also Jordan announced they ended their engagement. Quickly later, many fans claimed she and Fessy vacationed together in Turks and Caicos as they believed they heard she in the elevator of his Instagram Live and also someone shared photos of them at a bar together.

The two have actually not addressed the existing status the their connection or the rumored vacation yet.

Haleigh insurance claims Fessy left she while filming ‘The challenge 36’

In an unlocked note on her Patreon account, Haleigh speak out about their connection after a challenge clip highlighting a seemingly romantic connection between Tori and Fessy aired.

She insurance claims they to be in a partnership until the finish of October, when she got a phone call that finished it. The BB star clarified she didn’t day or “entertain” everyone else as he filmed the show yet planned come move into a spot to accommodate castle both.

Haleigh speaks out via her Patreon so once again me and also
GamerVev were right #thechallenge36

— Jay (
jaychallenge1) January 6, 2021

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Haleigh additionally explained she ready to pick him increase from the airport adhering to filming for this reason they can “start our real life.” Additionally, the Texas native declared they agreed to deal with their partnership after he returned home.

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According come Haleigh, she didn’t intend the breakup as he reportedly referred to as her every week while filming. Fessy has not commented on she side of the story and has because put his social media account on private. The an obstacle 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 main on MTV.