Stephen Amell made possibly the greatest splash of any kind of celebrity in recent memory when he gotten in a WWE ring top top the respectable 10 edition of Monday Night Raw. Amell"s warm with Stardust has actually made news in recent weeks, which led to their confrontation top top Raw.

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But gift signed come a enhance at SummerSlam as Neville"s tag partner is simply the beginning. The genuine issue comes to the expectations neighboring the Arrow star, including just how he will look on august 23 and how the complement will end.

Fans were likely on the edge of your seats once Amell jumped the guardrail on Monday Night Raw. ~ all, he is one actor and also has never been trained together a experienced wrestler. When the two worlds have mixed before, the end an outcome has not always been a desirable one.

But Amell an ext than yielded in the ring that night—he excelled. As fans held their cumulative breath to see exactly how he would take care of himself, Amell did specifically what any type of WWE Superstar would do: he jumped end the peak rope, fight a spear top top Stardust and gave him some stiff forearms to the face.

He did more than OK for a celebrity—he looked together though he actually belonged not only in the ring but among the other wrestlers together well.

Will the very same be claimed on the night of SummerSlam? Therein lies the larger picture, together Raw was merely a precursor because that what"s come come.


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Fans who might not have actually been expecting much of Amell before he to adjust his hands on Stardust are now surely anticipating a good deal. He was obviously ready for the point out on Monday night, which means the males he operated with behind the scene made him an ext than prepared for every move that happened.

He"s a physics actor, together the function he dram of DC Comics" Emerald Archer calls for him to be very hands-on. This method he currently has a leg up on various other celebrities who might not have had actually that previous action-star experience.

On peak of all this is the fact that he"s a significant WWE fan. That may not be a guarantee of a successful performance in the ring, but it is a an excellent indication the Amell is in ~ least familiar with the product and likely has a an excellent amount that respect for it.

Fans can rest assured that Amell will certainly be physically and also mentally ready at SummerSlam. His ring cultivate is likely taking place as the this an extremely writing, and also when he measures through the ropes, he will certainly be ~ above his game. Not just will he understand what he"s supposed to do, but Amell will additionally have the respect to carry out it the right method and with an excellent care to protect the business.

That method he cannot come in and dominate against either Stardust or King Barrett. Mental both of those men have actually the training and experience, it would certainly be a foolish id that one outsider might come in and best either one.

But he will certainly be fast on his feet and also will no be fear of obtaining tagged in, and also when he does gain in, he will certainly make that look good.

The ending of the match is a totality other story.

Amell need to drop the pen in this match. He has actually a tide of momentum he will lug with him come SummerSlam, however it will certainly take more than the to win a trained pro wrestler. Stardust is still working on not just maintaining but evolving his character, if Barrett is eternally waiting for his one good shot come come along.

Amell cannot steamroll them. He can play his component and for sure Neville come out v his head up, but he cannot slow-moving down Stardust or Barrett. His hard work and impressive heart will certainly not walk unnoticed, and also they shouldn"t, but he need to not get the pin in the end.

Of course, if he does go over, climate Amell may indeed have the majority of crowd support behind him. The victory itself would come to the joy of fans who wanted to check out Stardust ultimately be silenced and for Green arrow to shine in the ring.

If WWE important does desire to take advantage of the crossover potential and also keep using celebrities, climate Amell is the kind of male it would desire every time out. He to know what he"s doing and also will strategy it through a healthy and balanced level the respect, plus the desire come look as great as possible.

It"s a victory for fans, for WWE and also for Amell himself. Amell will absolutely do well—and will surely execute much better than that.

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