Monster truck Gokart
NAPA v Splash Graphics
NAPA v Splash Graphics
NAPA with Splash Graphics
Ninja Turtles
Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts
Red Flames
White next Stripe
Solid color with No Graphics
Engine Compartment




BlueYellowRedStars and also Stripes (as pictured) (+ $490.00)BlackGreenWhiteCustom repaint (Quote)You must choose an option for "Color".

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5.5hp w/Pullstart6.5hp w/Pullstart (+ $150.00)6.5hp w/Electric begin (+ $375.00)You must select an option for "Engine".
NoneElectric (+ $129.00)Air (+ $169.00)You must select an alternative for "Horn (requires electric start)".
NoneNAPA v Splash (+ $425.00)Ninja turtles (+ $425.00)Red Flames (+ $275.00)Dallas Cowboys (+ $390.00)Indianapolis Colts (+ $390.00)Budweiser (+ $390.00)Custom graphic (Quote)You must pick an choice for "Graphics".


Options include: 6hp electrical Start Engine, Live Axle v Torque Converter and Disc Brakes in Product alternatives above. Make no mistake, this truck is no wall surface flower. Good for Kids, that company Promotions, Parades and also more.
We can include virtually any type of Graphics, Corporate surname or Logo. Choose one the ours, or email united state your own. We deserve to do it. Just choose CUSTOM paint or CUSTOM graphics in Product Options over and we will contact you.
MADE-IN-USA. Every one of the Bodied Karts are built to 1/4 range of the original car, Indy race Cars, Trucks, neck Cars, Monster Trucks, Nascar , sports Cars, Jeeps and even Tractor Trailers.
All human body Karts space Custom developed for every customer. Please enable 2-4 weeks plus transit time for delivery. We deserve to include any kind of graphic or body color.
All car and truck formats are GENERIC and are not connected with any kind of licensed assets or designated manufacturers.
ENGINE: 5HP - 4 bike gas engine with recoil begin standard. (Optional 6 HP available with or without electrical Start)
BODY: Replica fiberglass body in various colors. traditional Colors are: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, White TIRES: 4:10 x 3:50 x 6 tires and tube v mountable stole rims and sealed bearing hubs. CHASSIS: Precision jig welded all stole chassis painted black with extra-strength steel tubing. CLUTCH: Fully automatically centrifugal clutch through #41 chain drive sprocket and also 6:1 equipment reductions, or optional belt propelled torque converter. GRAPHICS: Custom Vinyl replica multi-color graphics utilizing state the the art computers and also printing devices (in house).
HUBCAPS: Specially do rims permit for custom made, durable, carbon plastic hub caps on most models.
SAFETY SWITCH: Driver operated safety on-off switch. Also, foot operated security throttle and also brake controls.
BRAKES: 4" tape or bowl Brakes are installed on behind axle and pedal activate in former by a connecting right rod
CRATE SIZE: Length: 96" - Wth: 43" - Hght: 28" - Wgt: 230"
: every orders will certainly be shipped truck freight payment in Advance. Shipping charge consists of crate. All specifications room subject to readjust without notification or obligation.

Monster van Specs:

Colors : typical or practice Weight: 250lbs 5.5 HP Gas power Ground Clearance: 10" Wheel Base: 56"
Length:90" former & behind tires: 4:10 x 3:50 x 6 tread tires and tube stole rims and sealed bearing hubs Width:37 "
Height: 30 " solitary Seat Fiberglass body 4" band Brakes single Wheel drive (2 Wheel drive Available) completely Automatic Centrifugal Clutch equipment Reducer Heavy-Duty Precision Welded 1" Steel structure Your graphics
Most of the body Karts can accomodate ages 6to an Adult increase to6"2 and also 250lbs
Additional include Onsare available for all Body Karts
an excellent for Kids, that company Promotions, Parades and more. Choices Include: 6hp electrical Start, speak Converter, key Brakes, Horn, practice Paint and also Graphics. Us can include virtually any kind of Graphics, Corporate name or Logo, number of models, click watch to check out them

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY Since you are skipping the Dealer and also saving over half the sleeve cost, you will have actually some assembly come do.

Vehicles space shipped warehouse direct, in a crate, 95% assembled.

Customer must:

un-crate perform initial auto setup do engine oil organization check and change all systems, throttle, brakes check and also tighten all nuts and also boltsperform break-in business after 1 hour of procedure by customer"s mechanic at customer"s expense

EVEN ~ above ASSEMBLED UNITS: Initial car Setup and maintenance need to be perform by a default mechanic.

Initial Setup can incorporate installing: wheels, seats, roll cage, lights, battery. Break-in company must it is in performed after 1 hour the operation and can include: engine oil service, check and tighten every nuts and also bolts, inspect and adjust cables, throttle, brakes, chain and also all various other systems.

Who deserve to work on my Vehicle? There might not be plenty of Go Kart or Scooter shops in her area.

tiny Engine repair Shops Garden equipment Shops

this shops can assist with Assembly, fix or Maintenance. Frequently times, lock can come to your house.

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All parts are available for online ordering.

all Manuals have the right to be downloaded.


The Manufacturer warranty DOES not COVER REPAIRS. TheManufacturer covers parts only and labor is not covered under any type of circumstances. Any damaged or missing delivery items will certainly be replaced. The warranty consist of defects in material and also workmanship and also DOES not COVER repairs or damages due come operation.


To request support or begin a warranty Claim, please finish a help Request . Parts have the right to be purchase at any type of time on our website.Resources