Gordon fears Jonathan Crane is still lively and earlier in Gotham, once The Scarecrow’s signature MO is offered in a series of robberies. Meanwhile, Penguin’s “licensing” the crime in the city backfires throughout the cool opening that his brand-new Iceberg Lounge. Also, in the consequences of his encounter through Ra’s Al Ghul, Bruce begins his vigilante watch.

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Serie: Gotham

Director: Danny Cannon

Guest Star: Alexander Siddig, Andrew Sellon, Anthony Carrigan, Charlie Tahan, Damian Young, Jessica Lucas, Larry Pine, Maggie Geha, Marie Smalley






A cynical female clinical psychologist joins a priest-in-training and also a blue-collar contractor as they investigate claimed miracles, demonic possession, and also other extraordinary occurrences to watch if there’s a scientific explanation…

After exacting revenge top top those responsible because that the death of his wife and also children, Frank castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs much deeper than brand-new York’s criminal underworld. Now known…

As patient entering the operating room that Dr. Christopher Duntsch for program spinal surgeries begin leaving permanently maimed or dead, two fellow surgeons and a young Assistant district Attorney set…

Set in the fictional spiritual Heart hospital in California, john “J.D” Dorian provides his way through the overwhelming human being of medicine, with the assist of his finest friend, his fellow…

Think you room psychic? Shawn Spencer (James Roday) renders his life pretending to be. Shawn and his finest friend Burton “Gus” Gu ster (Dulé Hill) very own a company called “Psych”….

Two century in the future, in a fully colonized solar system, police detective Josephus müller (Thomas Jane), who was born in the asteroid belt, is provided the assignment to…

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