God that War: a game around fatherhood, a game around trying to it is in a better man, a game about a violent previous that you have the right to never fairly escape no matter how tough you try, a game about obsessive min-maxing throughout multiple stats and also a dozen or soequippableitems. If you"ve reached the endgame in God that War, or even close come it, you"ve knowledgeable the delight of tweaking a huge collection of item to turn your Kratos right into the most an effective bruiser imaginable. And also if you"re walk to execute that, you"re walking to want to upgrade your weapons as much as they"ll go. The last upgrade items, but -- a Frozen Flame and also another, an enig item to it is in revealed below the spoiler warning -- room not that tough to come by yet easily missed. Check out on to uncover out whereby to grab them.

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If you"ve play far enough into the game, you"ve unlocked Kratos" second -- or may be his an initial -- weapon, the blades of Chaos that us all remember from the Greek-focused earlier games. They"re upgraded with Chaos Flames, just like the Leviathan Axe is upgraded v Frozen Flames. Many of these room awarded by facing down ceo encounters, and they"re impossible to miss out on as a result. The last two are not, and also you can quickly finish the game without recognize them. Together you could have guessed, you can grab them in the optional locations unlocked with ciphers uncovered throughout the game: Muspelheim and also Niflheim.Here"s the trick, though, and why these points are basic to miss. You"re not in search of a Chaos fire or a Frozen flame in either of this places. I know, it"s confusing.

In Muspelheim, you"re looking for a "Raging Inferno that Muspelheim," i m sorry you discover from the opponent at the top of the volcano.

In Niflheim, you"re trying to find a "Chilling Mist," found in the gold Chests in the main area that takes 5000 Mist echoes to unlock.

When you obtain the items, you can go profession them right into the Dwarves under the "buy" tab for the last Frozen Flame and also Chaos Flame. After ~ that, you deserve to just have actually the dwarves finish the job. The knives of Chaos, in particular, come through some terrific unlockable skills down in ~ the bottom. I"m not completely sure why we had actually to go with this extra, menu-based step to seize the items, but there you go. With top-level tools in hand, you"ll was standing a far better chance versus those difficult endgame bosses.

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I"ve been creating about video games professionally for 12 years, and also I"ve been at surfacetoairnewyork.com for 9. I"m right here for review and also commentary ~ above PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo

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I"ve been composing about video clip games professionally for 12 years, and also I"ve been at surfacetoairnewyork.com because that 9. I"m below for review and commentary ~ above PC, Xbox, PlayStation and also Nintendo switch games, and I"m a little obsessed with Pokemon GO and Destiny 2. In my spare time I execute consulting, and also I"ve been getting worse at the banjo for conveniently 8 years now.