Throughout his career, VEDO has actually proven the anything is feasible as lengthy as you placed your mind come it. In 2013, the Michigan singer-songwriter make his insurance claim to reputation on season 4 of NBC"s struggle talent competition, The Voice, wherein he got to the top 12 prior to being removed on stage. In spite of losing the competition, the "Yvette" crooner uncovered a silver- lining. After ~ the competition, VEDO discovered mentorship in Usher, every Rolling Out. Additionally, the singer has penned songs because that celebrities such as kris Brown and Ella Mai.

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His journey to success hasn"t been a walk in the park either. Shortly before showing up on The Voice, VEDO"s mother passed away from lung cancer, per Rolling Out. "My mommy has always been a huge supporter of my career and my music. Together I started acquiring some fame and also some notoriety, she was there transparent everything," the told the publication. "She to be there to aid me lull my mind. After she passed, the was the moment I in reality stepped into one more lifestyle, and also I to be honestly scared since I didn"t have her there to tell me whatever was walk to be okay."

Despite his hardships, VEDO encourages himself come persevere and he wants his listeners to feeling the same way with his struggle single, "You acquired It." Here"s the real an interpretation behind VEDO"s viral hit.

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Ever felt down on your luck, and also don"t recognize what to do about it? have actually no fear — VEDO is below to motivate you through his single, "You acquired It." Ironically, VEDO discovered commercial success through the tune after it went famous on Tik Tok. Per Radio and Music, "You acquired It" garnered end 250 million streams across all streaming platforms. Additionally, the singer additionally received his an initial Gold certification by the RIAA.

In the song"s pre-chorus, VEDO sings out some of his biggest advice come those who room feeling unmotivated in the lines: "Hit the gym and get ago fine/ Go acquire that degree, walk girl/ emphasis on me/ Unlock potential that you didn"t understand you had in you." In the second verse, VEDO also gives advice to those going through a breakup to take it their strength back: "Get back your honor/ It"s cool I recognize you continued to be down/ Girl f*** that drama/ If that ain"t bout dat money bounce."

VEDO same believes in his listeners" capability as much as his own. In a November 2020 interview, VEDO revealed what the song meant to him. "<...> every little thing we was going with as a people, i felt favor we essential a record that would certainly basically motivate human being to get back on your grind and also just boss up and also get it earlier together," he explained to Genius. "But I wanted to do it in a way that wasn"t corny." just remember, if you ever before feel down, VEDO"s rooting because that you!