“So far so good. My friend and I were hungry after leaving one Angels game. My usual Crafty Dawgs was no open throughout games throughout COVID times, so us were ~ above the hunt because that some…” more

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“Extremely satisfied through our experience below tonight! Alanso made ours night by offering us outstanding service! thank you because that being attentive and also officiant and…” more


“Loved my visit -- the food was great but the company was amazing! whatever we ordered came fast and they were all super attentive” more


“As you deserve to tell... Every little thing hit. Baekjeong does not miss. Soju was additionally amazing. Likewise phenomenal company from William. Dumplings were the end of this world. Will…” more

“I choose Shik execute Rak end the other KBBQ joints I've tried in Irvine. Your side dishes are tasty, yet simple. Their beef belly and pork belly is to dice for.…” more

“This to be my first time make the efforts KBBQ and gotta speak it was a an excellent experience. They had Zabihah Halal meat so the was great and it to be delicious! The grill was…” more

“Was a little bit nervous after analysis the reviews, yet this location actually turned the end to be pretty great! We come a bit after 5 pm and were called there would be a 30…” more

“Lucille's BBQ... Is a evil of mine... I understand it's a chain and also I've had straight up have had actually Texas bbq so ns do have a comparison. However, Lucille's has actually it's…” more

“I went right here last week. Ns ordered the Mahi Mahi sandwhich. Which that wasn't taste & looked more like a new water fish, flakey & mild, possibly Swai. Mahi Mahi…” more

“Love the environment of this restaurant! i was greeted by two really friendly hostesses and also they sat us ideal away and also immediately carried out the sides. Ns have…” more

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“I was skeptical about the mexican korean fusion but... I was not disappointed!! please order the cheese corn here! It's a MUST. The BBQ pork that comes with…” more

“Food to be awesome and also the business was great. We ordered the quick ribs, cioppino, sea bass and also steak. Everything was wonderful and also the employee were so attentive!” more