The answer to this question is undoubtedly obtaining users. The application store is favor a battlefield for acquiring users. Understand yourself and also your competitors, therefore as not to shed in this battle. So exactly how to get an benefit in the compete of the applications store? Understanding competing products and doing ASO optimization are essential.

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Now analyzes the application Mighty pursuit For epic Loot and also app favor Mighty pursuit For epic Loot indigenous multiple aspects. In this report, you have the right to see the power of the application Mighty quest For epic Loot & application like Mighty search For epos Loot, and get the information of fair application reviews, app ranking, top-grossing apps, etc.


* - The many intuitive application data surveillance product

1. Roadway Warriors




AppNameRoad WarriorsiEatBetter: Food DiaryDino Hunter: deadly Shores

How to advice an application is in reality a an extremely subjective thing, some world like it, some world don"t. For our publisher, just how to uncover fair evaluate of our very own apps and competing apps? This is a issue that have the right to be addressed by data. V the data that, us can completely understand the user"s reaction come the app.

In various stages, the core indicators of the apps room different. In the initial stage of application operation, getting users is the main point goal, download is the main point data indications we should pay fist to. Once the product is more mature, and currently has a considerable variety of users, then just how to monetize is the problem we have to consider, and accordingly, the revenue has end up being the core data indicator of our concern.

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We deserve to use the keyword data noted byASOTools, consisting of the challenge of the keyword, find volume, etc., to referee whether the keyword is suitable for us.

(2)"iEatBetter: Food Diary"App keep Keywords ResearchCase Analytic| ASOTools

(6)"Warhammer 40,000: space Wolf"App store Keywords ResearchCase Analytic| ASOTools