In a new video native NextGen Climate and also Funny Or Die’s anyone Votes! Campaign, the “Batman v Superman” star and Boston native urges voters in his “kid brother” state to revolve out and also vote in the upcoming election.

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Wearing black pants, a flannel and also a charred orange vest, he starts byintroducing himself, “My name is Benny ‘The Sweet One’ O’Callaghan, but you can know me by mine Hollywood name, Ben Affleck.”

“I’m from Boston, and also Boston is in brand-new England which means that new Hampshire is just like my child brother,” he claims in his best Bostonaccent. “You understand what i mean? ns love brand-new Hampshire. Have actually you ever been to brand-new Hampshire? It’s f**cking beautiful, guy.”

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Affleck continues by informing everyone how an excellent a state brand-new Hampshire is, exactly how he thrived up there (kind of), and also reminds human being to register and vote.

“So if you provide a shit around women’s rights, if you care around keeping the atmosphere safe because that future generations,” that continues. “Then assumption: v who’s acquired your ago in this election. That’s right, my, basically, home state: new Hampshire.”

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The video clip is component of NextGen Climate’s project aimed to education young voter in this election. It likewise highlights the prominence of voter turnout in waver state new Hampshire due to the fact that it have the right to determine the outcome because that progressive problems like women’s rights and also climate change.

Watch Affleck’s Funny or Die video below:

Hey new Hampshire, Let’s Vote! with Ben Affleck native Funny Or Die

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