Ever due to the fact that Disney mega struggle Frozen to be released in 2013, Jack Whitehall has actually been devastated that his speaking component was unceremoniously reduced from the last movie.

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No, really – he\"s mentioned it a lot:

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Appearing top top The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (March 1) Jack speak again about how he has actually \"ironically been unable come let the go\" as soon as it comes to being cut from the film.

\"I had actually one line, \"I currently pronounce girlfriend man and also wife,\" and unfortunately the heat did no make it right into the final film,\" that told Jimmy.

\"I have actually been talking about this indignity for literally 5 years. I\"ve come on conversation shows, i wrote whole Netflix hour inspired by being reduced from Frozen.\"

But there was some an excellent news in store, as the comedian and also actor has finally been offered his shot at Frozen fame thanks to Jimmy Fallon, that arranged for Jack come play his personality of Gothi the troll in the Broadway variation of the show for one night only.

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After Jack said that he \"doubts it very much\" the Gothi the troll made the reduced for the live musical adaptation that the Disney hit, and included that he think it would certainly be \"too painful\" come go and see the stage present himself – \"It’ll be favor seeing an ex-girlfriend the cheated on girlfriend on Instagram. It’s ideal not to look!\" – Jimmy revealed his surprise.

\"We wanted to offer you a opportunity at redemption,\" Jimmy explained. \"We speak to the producer, and we were able come pull part strings and also we acquired them to add a heat in the musical simply for you to say. And you can do it in the present tonight.\"

And it\"s same to say Jack was fairly excited around it.


Soon Jack to be backstage in ~ the theatre, in his costume and ready for his large moment – which that performed admirably, it must be said.

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And of course he shared the an excellent news for all of his Twitter followers too.

\"Finally, after ~ 5 years of complaining, plenty of chat present appearances and also my last tour, ns think ns can lastly Let it Go!!\" he wrote. \"Thank you so much to