Out of all the truth dating shows that exist appropriate now, MTV’s room You the One? is most definitely a guilty pleasure because that fans. Together the drama plays out on ours TV screens, viewers have the right to also shot to guess who among the singles the self-admittedly suck at love, will certainly actually it is in perfect matches. 

Are girlfriend the One? Matches

As every season progresses, world inevitably fall for each various other and kind relationships — even if they weren’t the relationship the matchmakers had actually in mind. Yet how long can these reality TV display duos yes, really last once the cameras avoid rolling? Well, for few of them, a pretty lengthy time. Sure, many couples don’t do it past the reunion episode — if they even finish the show still with each other at all — however a lucky couple of have retained the love alive. Look no further than season 1’s Ethan and also Amber Diamond to discover the perfect “perfect match.”


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Back in march 2017, the couple celebrated the fourth anniversary of as soon as they an initial met ~ above AYTO. And get this — they’ve also gotten married and also become parents. After a little ceremony back in October 2014, the couple renewed your vows in April 2017.

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“I•AM•IN•LOVE,” Amber composed on Instagram in ~ the time. “In love through the way his lips curly every time he gets romantic. In love with the means she eats whatever with ketchup. Everything. In love with just how he’ll work unlimited hours without a solitary peep that complaint. In love with just how she’ll pick sticks and also rocks over Barbie dolls any type of day. In love v the means they make my heart thrive bigger than I might ever imagine.” 

Not long after, the couple revealed they were expecting their 2nd child together.

“Santa left us something a tiny EXTRA unique this year!” Amber wrote on Instagram. “This time next year, we will certainly be 4! we would prefer everyone to aid welcome our next addition to the Diamond family, comes June 2018!!!” Ethan included in his own adorable post. They invited their 2nd daughter, Serena, that year. This two just keep renewing our faith in love.

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But they’re not the just MTV are You the One? parents this days. Kris Tolleson is now a proud dad, while Jessica Perez and her husband also have two children of their own, Easton and also Lainey. Season 3’s Cheyenne Floyd had a flirtation ~ above The challenge with Cory Wharton native The Real human being — and they had a baby girl, too. Cheyenne’s been reflecting off she adorable daughter Ryder on Instagram pretty much since her birth in April 2017, yet in December of the year, Cory made decision to go public together her dad. The two space not together, however they space coparenting and also doing a pretty solid task at that. Cheyenne offered birth to baby No. 2, kid Ace, with fiancé Zach Davis

Are friend the One? Season 8

It appears the latest actors wasn’t lucky in love, considering nice much all of the hot and heavy romances have simmered through passing time. The sexually-fluid team put their heart top top the line while filming the hit date series, yet many couples have since called the quits.

Are girlfriend the One? Season 7

So, what became of her favorite pairs? While many of the dynamic duos headed to Splitsville, some fans may be glad to hear Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos space still walk strong. The behind-the-scenes drama, feeling of betrayal and blatant call-outs to be in no shortage when the reunion aired in 2019.

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Are you the One? Season 6

So who else is still together — and who may be the next Ethan and Amber? The 6th season that AYTO wrapped up in December 2017, and also there was plenty the drama. Who amongst the 22 unlucky-in-love singles uncovered love — and who managed to save it at least until the reunion show? us took a look back through six seasons of perfect matches, evidenced no-matches and post-reunion couples. And some of the outcomes are sort of, well, messy. But other couples are giving us major hope because that AYTO love.