As Fortnite Season 9 begins to wind down, the Fortbyte system continues to deliver tiny nuggets the content, maintaining interest in Season 9 greater than it would otherwise be so late right into the game. Today’s Fortbyte (Monday of main 8) presents us with Fortbyte #63: uncovered Somewhere between Lucky Landing and also Fatal Fields.

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The Fortbyte mechanism is a collection of difficulties that expectations the entirety of Season 9. Daily at 2pm BST, a clue driven treasure hunt an obstacle is released, questioning you to track down and also collect said Fortbyte. There are 100 Fortbytes in total and also collecting castle lavishes you v cosmetic rewards not unlike the battle Pass. Additionally, each Fortbyte gathered reveals a brick on a mosaic picture featuring Bunker Jonesy scrawling on a bunker wall.

This short article focuses ~ above Fortbyte #63: uncovered Somewhere between Lucky Landing and also Fatal Fields. This is among the few non progression Fortbyte obstacles left for Season 9.

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Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #63 Map


The listed below is accurate as of the time of writing. Ours masterlist gets updated every day.

Fortbyte #2: uncovered At A Location hidden Within Loading screen #6Fortbyte #3: available By making use of The Skull Trooper Emoji in ~ The Western most PointFortbyte #4: Corrupted DataFortbyte #5: Corrupted DataFortbyte #6: obtainable With Yay! Emote in ~ An ice cream Cream Shop In The DesertFortbyte #7: available By using The Cuddle up Emoticon within A Rocky UmbrellaFortbyte #8: uncovered Within Junk JunctionFortbyte #9: Corrupted DataFortbyte #11: discovered Beneath A Circling jungle ParrotFortbyte #12: available By utilizing The Nana Nana Spray within A Molten TunnelFortbyte #13: discovered at a location surprise within Loading display screen #2Fortbyte #14: uncovered Within one RV ParkFortbyte #15: Corrupted DataFortbyte #16: Found In A Desert residence With Too numerous ChairsFortbyte #17: found Inside A wooden Fish BuildingFortbyte #18: Corrupted DataFortbyte #19: easily accessible With The Vega Outfit inside A Spaceship BuildingFortbyte #20: discovered At The center Of any Of The an initial Three Storm CirclesFortbyte #21: Corrupted DataFortbyte #22: obtainable By using Rox Spray In one UnderpassFortbyte #23: Corrupted DataFortbyte #24: discovered Within deadly FieldsFortbyte #26: available With The Bunker Jonesy Outfit close to a Snowy BunkerFortbyte #27: Corrupted DataFortbyte #28: Corrupted DataFortbyte #29: Corrupted DataFortbyte #30: uncovered Somewhere in between Haunted Hills & pleasant ParkFortbyte #31: found At A Meteor Crater OverlookFortbyte #32: available By put on Kyo Pet ago Bling at the Northern many PointFortbyte #33: Corrupted DataFortbyte #34: Corrupted DataFortbyte #36: obtainable by Sentinel ~ above a frozen islandFortbyte #37: Corrupted DataFortbyte #38: Corrupted DataFortbyte #40: Corrupted DataFortbyte #41: obtainable By making use of Tomatohead Emoticon within The Durr burgess RestaurantFortbyte #43: Corrupted DataFortbyte #45: Corrupted DataFortbyte #47: Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed fight BusFortbyte #48: obtainable By making use of The Vox Pickaxe come Smash The Gnome besides A hill Top ThroneFortbyte #49: found In Trog’s ice CaveFortbyte #50: available At Night Time Inside mountain Top castle RuinsFortbyte #51: accessible By using The Cluck Strut To overcome The roadway At Peely’s Banana StandFortbyte #52: Corrupted DataFortbyte #53: available By help To progressive Disco ball At Abandoned villain LairFortbyte #55: uncovered within Haunted HillsFortbyte #56: Corrupted DataFortbyte #58: available By making use of The Sad Trombone Emote at The North end Of Snobby ShoresFortbyte #59: obtainable With Durrr! Emoji within Pizza Pit RestaurantFortbyte #60: easily accessible With sign Spinner Emote In former Of The Happy Oink RestaurantFortbyte #61: easily accessible By using Sunbird Spray ~ above A Frozen WaterfallFortbyte #62: Fortnite Fortbyte #62: obtainable With The Stratus Outfit in ~ An abandoned MansionFortbyte #63: discovered Somewhere in between Lucky Landing and Fatal FieldsFortbyte #64: available By Rox On peak Of Stunt MountainFortbyte #65: uncovered In A Basement budget plan Movie SetFortbyte #67: available By flying the Retaliator Glider despite The rings Under the Southern many Sky PlatformFortbyte #68: discovered Within A Snowy Town publication ShopFortbyte #69: discovered Inside A rock Pig BuildingFortbyte #70: Skydive v The Rings over Lazy Lagoon w/ vivid Contrails EquippedFortbyte #72: uncovered Within braided SpringsFortbyte #74: discovered In A filing Cabinet inside An Assassin’s BasementFortbyte #75: Corrupted DataFortbyte #76: found Behind A historic Diorama In An insurance BuildingFortbyte #77: uncovered Within A Track side Taco ShopFortbyte #78: found Within A Ranger Tower Overlooking A Drained LakeFortbyte #79: found within an arcadeFortbyte #80: usage The Bunker Basher Pickaxe to Smash the absent at the VolcanoFortbyte #81: accessible In The Daytime near A hill Top Cactus WedgeFortbyte #82: Accessible By solving The press Plate Puzzle NW of The BlockFortbyte #83: Corrupted DataFortbyte #86: Corrupted DataFortbyte #88: uncovered Somewhere within Map location J3Fortbyte #89: easily accessible By flying The Scarlet win Glider v Rings eastern Of Snobby ShoresFortbyte #91: discovered At A Location concealed Within Loading display screen #4Fortbyte #92: accessible by making use of Rock Love Spray near a lavafallFortbyte #93: Corrupted DataFortbyte #94: Corrupted DataFortbyte #95: found At A Solar Panel variety In The JungleFortbyte #97: uncovered Somewhere in ~ Loading display #8Fortbyte #98: Corrupted DataFortbyte #100: uncovered On The highest possible Floor of The Tallest building In Neo Tilted

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