Florida Georgia Line had actually the unenviable job of adhering to Chris Stapleton and also Justin Timberlake's performance at the 2015 CMA Awards ~ above Wednesday (Nov. 4). The duo, consisted of of Tyler Hubbard and also Brian Kelley, sang their new single, "Confession," and also they recognize that they were a little daunted by the task.

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"Justin and also Chris Stapleton, they’re two of the best, vocally, as songwriters together artists," ha told The Boot and also other reporters backstage during the 2015 CMA Awards. "We’ve both looked approximately them a lot. We’ve been to Justin Timberlake’s shows, we’ve viewed Chris perform plenty of times, for this reason more than likely the toughest action to monitor tonight ... They did an exceptional job. However we provided it all us had, and also I think it was a cool follow-up."

The guys initially planned on release a song from your upcoming new album as their following single, prior to deciding to release "Confession" together a final solitary from Anything Goes instead.

"I think it’s crazy that we gain to go 5 singles deep," Kelley notes. "And i think, more importantly, we require this single, and our pan at country radio should hear this song. It has actually a great message, and also it’s ideal where we’re at right now, and also that’s the many important, to gain that music out.

"I think "Confession" really opens the door for what we have coming down the pipeline," the adds. "I think we require it, nation radio needs it; it completes the album for us, that us made it this far. It’s like, we’ve gained to bookend it with "Confession.""

Thankfully, Florida Georgia line are currently accustomed to making last-minute alters in your career.

"We provided to have actually a song referred to as "Different Plans" -- just about, any type of time us tried to do a plan that we’re really stoked about, we’d always get stoked about a different setup after that," hubbard reveals. "Honestly, till the album comes out, that knows? That’s type of the beauty of the all and what renders it fun."

For now, Hubbard and Kelley's plans room to take part time off and contemplate the tremendous year they've had.

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"I think together artists, in order to continue to evolve and also be creative, you obtained to sit ago and soak it every up a small bit, soak that in, and be thankful for wherein you’re at and also thankful for just how you obtained there," hubbard notes. "For us, we just acquired done through the Anything Goes Tour, therefore we’re in ~ home and working ~ above the album and also taking this time come reflect together well. Ns think we do it ~ above a everyday basis, and also look in ~ our life, but look in ~ ourselves, look at ourselves as men, as husbands, as businessmen -- just shot to reflect and be honest and also transparent with who we are with oneself and shot to become far better every day. That’s necessary to us."

Florida Georgia Line likewise won a CMA Award for Vocal Duo that the Year throughout the 2015 CMA Awards ceremony.