Just once America's favorite home flipper think his life can not be any an ext chaotic, Jeff Lewis embarks ~ above the most unpredictable an obstacle yet -- fatherhood.

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The power of this season has been different. Jeff described two 50 year old guys somewhat disparagingly, as soon as he"s actually 48 himself. A well-maintained 48, yet there it is. Gage often tends to it is in behind Jeff targeting Jenni and a few others. I"m sad that this show has been cancelled, and that he"s completely done with Jenni. We"ll never gain to watch him with Gage"s son and also his beautiful daughter, the insanely rich world he functions miracles for, or his very own evolution. The went from gift a lovable man who has pets and also pet psychics and psychics the smudge his houses, and ditzy employee of the month, to becoming obsessed v squeezing occupational out of people, yelling at Jenni around getting a file that was actually the project of the assistant he had replaced her with, as soon as it would have been much faster for him to simply pick up the record himself anyway. We didn"t watch "Deb" or also the pet this season, not lot socializing- it seemed to it is in The Lea black show-someone else referred to as her the loud, blonde, annoying affluent lady. I ultimately googled her, and also she transforms out to be very early cast member of Miami Housewives, v a pretty remarkable husband that does good work and also leaves her to gad about and invest his money - what a life! together for Flipping Out, it"s winding down, and also it"s really sad. I"m in reality still sad around the break down of his friendship through Ryan, Dale, and Chloe, return it"s clear that his instincts to be right, and also I constantly wondered why that didn"t just have actually someone contact up over there pretending to look because that Jeff Lewis and also see what Ryan did, i think that would have been quick, revealing and interesting. Jenni was yes, really the last pre-Gage friend he had-Megan left too-, and also early initiatives to allude out she every inefficiency and deficiency dropped on deaf ears with Jeff, but, over time, together she came to be possibly much more successful than he was, and as she constructed her own family members simultaneously through Jeff and couldn"t work Memorial Day and also the fourth of July and 6-7 work a week, the friendship eroded and also I"m certain that, in between her and Zoila leaving, Bravo felt there wasn"t much left. Ns disagree. I think there"s a very different present remaining, yet definitely an amazing show. I"m sad that we won"t it is in watching anymore. I recognize that he claimed he had made decision an hour before to allow Jenni go, but that seed was planted several episodes before, once Lea black told him that the sky"s the limit if he it s okay rid of what"s weighing that down. He began looking at anyone "are you vital to mine business?" You could SEE it. This is a facility , paranoid guy who doesn"t play nicely through others, and also Gage certain doesn"t. I would certainly love come hear what Jeff"s dad"s reaction come this was. Shame. There"s a tiny Feat song dubbed On Your way Down the he really requirements to hear to.